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Simple Methods to Boost Email Signups of your Wordpress Blog

You are reading this post because you are running a small business blog or personal blog on wordpress.

You know the importance of email leads so you probably place a call-to-action on your blog. If your blog is of high quality with enticing content, readers can feel encouraged to signup with it. But let’s admit it, not everyone feel the same way.

There are quite a lot of methods to boost the email signups of your blog, but what we are talking now is something you probably don’t know or aren’t implementing.

Use Jetpack Subscription module

Jetpack is a plugin that I would recommend to everyone whenever I am asked. Its integrated with almost all major features for your wordpress blog, like site stats, contact forms, image Carousel, etc.

And also Email subscription is one of the great features.

Most people are familiar with the fact that this module allows you add a subscription form as a widget on the sidebar, What you may not know is that it also allow commenters to check so they can automatically receive email notifications every time a new post is published.

Jetpack email subscription

As you can see from above, commenters can check to be notified each time new comments on the post are made as well as each time new posts are published. If you don’t have a newsletter you distribute, this is an excellent way to remind people about your blog in a super simple, low-profile and effective way.

Receiving periodic notifications of a new post is certain to drive more repeat traffic to your site.
 Turn 404 page into a Subscription Page

In a previous post I’ve written about how to redirect your 404 page to homepage, you can find here. It just needs a little tweaking so we call redirect visitors to a specific page whenever they have an error.

I have already implemented this method on http://ac.blixtheme.com.

Turn 404 page to a subscription page

Above screenshot is where the visitors are redirected when there is a 404 error. You can turn that 404 page into a unique opportunity to gain signups. Most people miss out on this because they just never think to ask!

Use Comment Redirect Plugin

This plugin is released by Yoast Team. And you can download it free from wordpress plugin repository.

Your first time commenters are precious people! Wouldn’t it be great if you could identify these visitors while they are on your site? This plugin just does the job for you.

Comment Redirect plugin allows you to redirect just those people to a page of your choosing. At that point you can introduce them to your blog a bit more, ask them to subscribe to your blog, like you on Facebook and much much more.

Comment redirect plugin

Can you imagine how many potential signups you’ve missed out on because you didn’t have a system like this in place? Ok, stop imaging and get it installed now!

Use WP Lead Grab Plugin

This method is a little bad boy! But you can really boost your list (but not email signups, I’ll explain later) fast and efficient.

WP Lead Grab is a wordpress plugin that automatically turns your blogs comment field into a hidden AutoResponder Forum that subscribes your commenter to your mailing list. Whenever someone leaves a comment, he/she will be on your list because his/her email is automatically collected.

So here is why I said it can boost your list, but not signups, because these emails are not submitted with awareness by their owners.

I put this in this article not meaning I am encouraging to use this plugin – actually I don’t suggest to use it for the sake of privacy – but it’s really a quick method to collect real emails.


There is no doubt that building an email list is no easy job. But your life can be easier if you can realize every opportunity that’s available to you. Either encourage commenters to subscribe to be notified every time a new comment/post is posted, or redirect them to a subscription page when they get a 404 error, you can build a robust list of subscribers.

And these methods are really simple but effective!

Now it’s your turn.

What methods do you currently use to encourage email signups to your blog?

How do these methods work for you?

Do you have another good idea for boosting signups?

I’d love to hear your ideas and feel free to leave your comments below!
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