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Performing Commenting On Blogs Posts Penguin Can Be Rewarding

Producing comments in blog sites has been utilized like a Search engine optimization technique for a very long time. The goal has been to find backlinks to your site to increase Pagerank and/ or increase chosen keyword phrases for your web site in search engine. Like a bonus from it technique you could drive in immediate visitors, however the main objective of it Search engine optimization technique has been regarding the hyperlink you’d get returning to the website.

 If you’re to check around in Search engine optimization community forums regarding link building, you’d frequently observe individuals referring to it technique as one of the simpler methods for gaining backlinks to your web site. This type of declaration signifies that the Search engine optimization understanding is missing concerning for this specific Search engine optimization technique. It isn’t what you perform; it is how to perform it that’s essential.

To utilize it blog leaving comments successfully for Search engine optimization reasons there’s much more to it rather than only guest post health blog the comment in a blog site, selected high quality prior to quantity. I have usually thought as well as applied it after the Penguin up-date The year 2012 it is more true than ever before.

Don’t under estimate your blog research; it’s a time consuming, however essential job.
To offer you an image of the way time consuming it may be to get only some great Search engine optimization pleasant blog sites: when I gather a listing along with Fifteen Thousand blogs domain names, I’ll operate them in  program that will display info like domain Page rank, page Page rank as well as outbound links, however the most essential thing is the plan too signifies blog sites which are ‘do-follow’.

From list, about 200-600 will show ‘dofollow’, other 1000′s and 1000′s of blog all have  no follow tag. However the plan can just search for a few of the specialized factor, there is much more to this than simply that, therefore now arrives the time consuming job of manually examining all of them regarding requirements like:

1. Is a blog still active ?
2. Still accepting comments ?
3. Is a outbound comment back links actually ‘dofollow’?
4. Is  comment place in Java ( if so , link won’t be found by Google )?
5. Are there re-directs on links ?
6. Has blog been over spammed ?
7. Does blog have page with Page Rank ?
8. Which needs are necessary to place comments (many blog need registration or subscription )?
After it’s been examined I might have listing of 50-100 remaining which are best to utilize, I really do but have listing of guest post health blog sites which I have collected during the last Four years therefore I’d simply be including around 15-40 new ones from the study of it volume.
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