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How To Get Traffic From Reddit To Your Website

Hello friends! Were you searching for How to get traffic from reddit to your website? But didn’t found it? Ok, lets say you found it but all methods lagged some or another thing.
In this post we will be telling you about How to get traffic from reddit to your website. So Keep reading our post to know more about How to get traffic from reddit to your website. And I assure you that after reading my post you’ll sure be able to get traffic from reddit.

Understanding the power of Social Media!

Many People want traffic to their blog but there are few who actually focus on power of Social media to drive traffic to their blog through social media.

It might seems like that sharing on different social media pages, groups, communities is spamming but if done in a correct way in a correct manner and posted in a correct place then it will no longer be treated as a spam. Thus, it would be given appreciation and hence, more traffic to your website.

I want to ask my users that how many of you think that sharing on Facebook is enough? Although facebook is the largest social media website but it will not give you enough traffic, may be if you SPAM in 20 Groups, maximum you’ll get around 5000 traffic (Only if the content is valuable enough).

But what if I tell you that sharing on Reddit can give you more than 20,000 traffic for the same content you posted in facebook.

Must be surprised why this happens? Facebook is largest portal then how traffic from Reddit is higher than compared to Facebook?

The reason being, Facebook is meant for social connections, meeting new people and enjoying but Reddit is a community which is meant for sharing purpose only!

Understanding where to share your articles and why?

So for an example, if you’re selling pens to a large group of artists and the same amount and same quality of pens to students, where do you think you can get more sales? Students? Right? This is because students need pens and artists doesn’t as much as students need it.

Similarly, On Reddit people come to gather information and read articles and get to know about a specific topic, where as on Facebook, people are not interested in reading lengthy articles instead they join Facebook to make new friends, connections and laugh at stupid jokes.
Now the Question Arises :

How to get traffic from Reddit to your website

Well, there is no such rocket science involved in getting traffic from Reddit to your blog. It is as easy as eating a piece of cake, but remember you need to cut the piece in such a way that it easily fits in your hands and mouth.

Before telling you the trick, I will rather prefer to show you an experience of my friend with Reddit so that you know that it works!

While, I was going  through Facebook, I say that one my friends posted a screenshot of 150 Real Time Traffic on his blog, And then I read that the traffic was from Reddit, After a few minutes it increased to 250 and then his next screenshot blew our minds as it was  1800 Real Time. In such traffic floods, his blog crashes.

So After researching a lot on internet I found that Reddit can be a great source of traffic, After experimenting with Reddit, I will be telling you guys How to get traffic from reddit to your website.

Ways to get traffic from reddit to your blog:

There are two methods:
→Whitehat Method
→Blackhat Method

First, Whitehat method to get traffic from reddit to your blog:

For this you need an excessive of link karma, the question arises that how can you increase your link karma? Is it that easy ? Yes, my answer will be that yes it is very easy to increase link karma.
Is there any rocket science involved for increasing link karma? No, its as easy as eating a piece of Cake.

All you need is to share some valuable content and if it is actually valuable then people will upvote your article which will result in getting an high link karma.

If you get 70-80 upvotes on a single post then you’re article will be placed on first page of that sub reddit which will surely boost your traffic. Remember to share valuable content only as there are many people on Reddit who will criticize you a lot, it can be for your bad English or for a copied article.

Tips to get High Link Karma:

→Share very funny images on “Funny” Sub Reddit.
→Share facts in “WTF” Sub Reddit.
→Share interesting movie reviews in “Movies” Sub Reddit.
→Share girly stuff on “Aww” Sub Reddit.

Now, Blackhat method to get traffic from reddit to your blog:

Ok guys, this is the trick which will increase your traffic but this will also increase your bounce rate as you’ll be miss leading the users of Reddit to your blog through this trick.

Remember, after using this trick, don’t even think about looking at comments made by the people on your post as it will be so humiliating for you.

So for this, you have to take up any article of your blog then share it in sub reddits like “WTF” And “Funny”. Even though its not related to that sub reddit, you can share it and keep the title as cheesy as possible.

Suppose you article is on “How to loose weight” and in Funny SubReddit you posted your link and kept the title as “I just died out laughing.” People will think that its very funny but when they will actually go to your blog they will find that the article is on “How to Loose Weight” and will immediately click back button and will increase your bounce rate plus will leave a bad comment on your Reddit profile with a downvote.

If you’re prepared for this and the only thing which matters to you is traffic then the above method can be tried by you.In this post we discussed about How to get traffic from reddit to your website. Hope you have liked our this post on How to get traffic from reddit to your website. Keep visiting our blog to know about more articles like How to get traffic from reddit to your website.
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