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How to Effectively do On-Page SEO Optimization

In this post we will be discussing about How to Effectively do On-Page SEO optimization  and How to Do  Keyword Research easily.

Hello friends! SEO is a major  part of a blog to get ranked  in Google’s search result, not only get ranked but rank higher and higher. Every Blogger dreams for ranking on top of Google (I am one of them) but many a times, you write a high quality post but, unfortunately, your post is buried under the Google’s result and all the sites even though not with a good Alexa or Page rank, rank on top. Why does this happens? Getting a lot of questions in mind? Well, Keep reading our post to know more about How to Effectively do On-Page SEO optimization.

Query #1 : Why low authority sites easily rank higher?

Ever seen low quality sites ranking above high quality sites? Yes, it happens! Not rarely but many a times and me too have personally experienced. Does this means that Google have problem with its algorithm? No, its not so! The guys who rank above are people like me and you but what makes them rank above me and you? Well this happens because these people focus on their SEO, usually what happens is, first they write the article, then they revise it for grammatical mistakes and after that they SEO-dise it. And boom, that’s the key factor they rank above as they understand Google’s way of working.

Query #2 : How can you also rank on first page of Google?

Well, it does not involve any rocket science not even science, all it requires it Knowledge+Experience+Way of implementing.
So, the index of the post on How to Effectively do On-Page SEO optimization is:

→Keyword Research.
→Seo optimizing your article.

#1 How to do an effective keyword Research?

First of all, many people think that it is better to choose keywords like “Men’s Shoes” rather than “Men’s Black Leather Shoes”

Why do I recommend using the long one rather than that short and exact matching keyword?
Reason #1: Ranking for such a short tail keyword is not very easy, big e-commerce stores like amazon, ebay, myntra will be ranking but if you take that long one, chances of ranking on first page is comparatively higher than the short one.

Reason #2: In the short one, you’ll be able to target only one keyword but where as in long one, you can target: “Men’s Shoes” “Leather Shoes” “Black Shoes” and so on.
So the above reasons prove that long tail keywords are best and easy to rank for.

From where to start with Keyword research?

Go to Google, search for any keyword you are looking forward to make a post on, for example lets take “Top 10 Hosting of 2014“, scroll down at the end of the page of Google you’ll find “Searches Related to Top 10 Hosting of 2014

Now pick the keywords one by one and check them in Google Adwords Keyword Planner, find the keyword with Highest Number of searches.

Got it? Now you must be thinking that competition is mentioned “Low” in adword planner so its easy to rank for the keyword right? Wrong! Its not that!

The competition shown by the Google Adwords is for getting your advertisement displayed on that keyword, you’ll observe that higher the competition more the CPC.
Now how can you actually analyse the competition of a keyword?

Now, go to Google and search for your keyword, you’ll find many sites ranking for it, with having SEOQuake plugin installed you can check a site’s Pagerank , Alexa and other stuff on search results only. So scroll to the bottom of page and check the 10th site ranking for it, if its alexa is not more than 50k then forget that keyword because you have to surpass these sites to get your blog ranked which is  not possible for new blogs.

Now search for a keyword and repeat the above process again to get a keyword with high searches and actually low competition.

#2 SEO optimizing your article:

So the most favorite part of mine in SEO optimizing any article is Keyword Stuffing. Yes you read it correct keyword stuffing!
Believe it or not but it actually helps you in increasing keyword density and getting a better rank.

How to increase keyword density of a post easily?

The best way to increase keyword density of a post is by not using pronouns. For example you’re writing on “Godaddy’s hosting” Instead of writing a sentence like “ It is very fast” you can “Godaddy’s Hosting is very fast” this seems not to be odd plus it will help in increasing keyword density of your post.

Another tip, “Tell them what will you tell them, and then tell them what you want to tell them and then tell them what you just told them”

Confused? It happens, I also got confused when first time I read the above sentence. For example:
You can start a post like “Were you searching for ‘title’ but didn’t found it yet? Well read our blog post and get to know about ‘title’ ”

And after that end the post like “In this post we discussed about ‘title’ Hope you have liked our this post on ‘title’ Keep visiting our blog for more interesting posts”
The above measures will help you in increasing your keyword density!

Adding Alt Tags to your images to gain traffic from Google Images

You people use Google Images? Yes, everyone does! But ever thought that the images which you surf can be replaced  by your images? Seems pretty tough? NO! Its just like eating a piece of cake.
You just need to switch to HTML version  of your post , and add <IMG Alt=’Add your keyword’ SRC=’Link of image’> and done!
This is all you need to add alt tags to your images, in wordpress its more simpler click on the image, a popup appears and there is option of setting “Alternative text” And boom punch your keyword in and its done.

Optimizing your meta description efficiently

Well do you think adding meta description is not important at all? Believe me its one of the most important part of a post.

Adding meta description helps your reader to have an idea of what is post all about.
Plus is also helps in ranking your blog post. For adding an effective meta description you need to keep following things in mind:

→Make it meaningful.
→Have keywords in it.
→Try to connect with reader.
So while adding a meta description, all you have to do is just add your keyword in beginning of the post and say something like “Get the best ‘title’ here now!”
And you’re ready with your post!

So guys only this for now. In this post we discussed about How to Effectively do On-Page SEO optimization, How to do an effective keyword Research?  How to increase keyword density of a post easily? and Optimizing your meta description efficiently.

Hope you have liked our this post on How to Effectively do On-Page SEO optimization. Please Keep visiting our blog for more and more SEO Tips and Tricks.
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