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An Amazing SEO Keyword Research Tactic you Don’t Know

SEO keyword research is always the first and most important step to create a blog or even write an article.

Most of us will feel frustrated when ending up with failing to find low competition, let alone untapped keywords.

If you are one of those frustrated people, then stop using the Google Keyword Planner!

Here is why!

    The Keyword Planner only gives you VERY close variations of the keywords of your seed keywords, but we need closely related keywords, but not straight-up variations.

Sure, We need Keyword Planner for monthly search volume and CPC information…but it’s HORRIBLE at generating new keyword ideas.

Let me give an example to get you know better what I am talking about!

Let say you enter a seed keyword like “weight loss” into keyword planner, it will pop up keywords like:

  • Weight loss tips
  • Quick weight loss
  • Fast weight loss
  • Weight loss pills

So you see the result? Is that what you want? Maybe, but millions of others also get down to these keywords just like you!

Here is the deal:

I’ll show you an amazing SEO keyword Research Tactic that can help find untapped keywords in one minute or two!

You may ask, how? I am glad you ask!

The secret weapon is: Reddit.

There are daily millions of people discussion on almost every topic you can come up with. As you are reading the discussions, you’ll get fresh awesome keywords that you’ll never find in Keyword Planner.

Reddit is such a keyword research goldmine!

Let me explain how to use this powerful tool.

Let say you are running a site selling headphones.

First, head over to Reddit Search and search for “headphones”:

reddit seo keyword research

If there’s a subreddit in that space, check that subreddit.

reddit seo keyword research

If not, just look down to the search results retrieved for that keyword.

You should keep your eyes out for threads where people tend to ask a lot of questions (like an AMA or Q&A thread).

This one looks promising:

reddit seo keyword research

Next, read through the thread for potential keywords. Terms that pop up again and again are perfect.

For example, this model of headphones were mentioned quite a few times in a headphone Q&A thread:

reddit seo keyword research

Copy the keyword “Beyerdynamic DT-770″ and plug it into Keyword Planner.

(Yes. We still need keyword for search volume and CPC information). It gets 2,400 monthly searches, not bad.

reddit seo keyword research


If you are still playing around with the Google Keyword Planner all day, you’d never find that keyword. But you can find it with minutes on Reddit.

Follow this method and invest an hour digging keywords on Reddit and you’ll probably get enough keywords to play with though the year end or even longer.

Thanks Brian Dean from backlinko.com for this creative method
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