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What’s up with Page Rank?

A lot of people — both internet veterans and occasional users alike — are starting to ask the same question: What is page rank? Is it relevant and is it that important to know what it is all about? If you have any stake at all in making money from the internet — say, if you happen to be a software programmer, an entrepreneur or everything else in between, then the answer is of course, yes.

There are many websites that will tell you what is page rank, but the truth is — and this may come as a bit of a shocker to most people — nobody knows exactly what is page rank. Up till now, the exact technical algorithm for page ranking is not publicly disclosed as it is a commercially patented secret.

With that out of the way, we can now move on to what we do know about what is page rank and what it is all about. The basic concept of what is page rank is that it is Google’s way of ranking a webpage’s importance on the internet. The more important a web page is, the more likely it will show up on the top search results on Google’s (or even other search engines’) search hits.

And consumer studies prove that websites that appear on the top list of search engine results pages are likely to be more commercially successful than, say, websites that are lagging behind the top 300 hits.

So how does a webpage become important? That is the heart of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. The SEO’s job is to make a webpage more important/more visible to search engines. He will do this using a combination of web content writing and source code manipulation of a web page.

Many companies offer services that improve one’s likelihood of increasing a website’s page rank, and the more you know about what is page rank and its impact in your business, the better your decisions are in choosing the right people for the job.
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