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What’s new in Bing Ads?

If you’re running an Online marketing Campaign or about to embark a marketing campaign, one concept you cannot afford to skimp on is Search Engine Optimization. Advertising is a very important part of running any type of business. You need to advertise to reach new customers and market your products or services.

Advertiser using the Yahoo! Bing Ad network received a number of updates in April, including new search and filter options, search queries reports that include stop words and special characters and updated ad appeal rules with new appeal status designations to avoid confusion on whether or not an appealed ad is active.

Bing Ads is a fantastic source of traffic and customers. In fact, there are 50 million Americans that you can’t reach with Google as they are exclusive to the Bing network (which includes yahoo).

Each release of Bing Ads offers new and enhanced features designed to help you connect with your customers, boost campaign performance, and improve your ROI.
Here’s the latest!
  • Sitelink extensions are now available in all Bing Ads markets which plays a very important role in order to get a higher CTR(Click-Through-Rate) than those without.
  • It is fully ramped up in Australia and New Zealand, so that you can set up your accounts in those countries and display your ads.
  • Improved Report Workflow:
i) You don’t have to run a report to save the options you selected, such as date range or columns; they’re saved as you select them.

ii) When a report starts running, a Create similar button at the top of the page lets you begin creating a new report without waiting for the first one to finish running.

iii) When you select a tab on the Campaigns page to work in such as Ads or keywords , it’s applied to all the performance reports you create, saving you time and increasing your productivity.
  • A new Item ID column has been added to the change history report so you can differentiate between items such as ads that have the same name or title.
  • The Keyword and Delivered match type columns are now selected by default when you run search query reports.
  • In addition to keyword reports, the account, campaign, ad group, and ad performance reports now include the Top vs. other and Network columns.
  • Now you can run reports with date ranges longer than 366 days.

Bing Ads vs. Google Adwords:

Bing is actively comparing itself to Google, when it comes to advertising on the search engine until recently, the great majority of search marketing practitioners would tell you that you should first maximize Google before you shift any budget to Bing Ads. This thinking is beginning to shift, as Bing Ads is slowly shaking off the stigma of simply being ‘the other’ search engine.

Bing Ads has realized that it does not necessarily pay to have a completely different interface from Google. With scarce resource pervading in the Internet marketing Company, campaign managers are constantly looking for efficiencies.

If Bing Ads continues to improve its game at this pace, these cost and competition advantages may have a finite timestamp!
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