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Website Content & Keywords

When creating your website content, you wan’t to be sure to use the specific keywords that page is targeting in your content’s copy.

This DOES NOT mean you want to plaster it everywhere. Google rewards informative pages and relevant content. You simply want to suggest 2-3 times per page, what that page is about.

Website Content & Keywords

You can do this by using <strong> and <em> tags. <strong> is really just a <b> (bold) tag, but the <strong> tag is interpreted by the search engines, where a bold tag would be ignored (it is simply a visual aid to the visitor). <em> tags work in exactly the same way, except they are reminiscent of the <i> (italics) tag.

Focus your time to creating your websites copy, ultimately Google will reward you if you provide unique content and target relevant keywords. Everything we’ve covered in the last few entries is now becoming cumulative.

Just to recap, at this point youve learned to target your domains, page titles, meta tags, image attributes, and your actual website content to specific keywords. If you’ve done your keyword selection properly you should be well on our way to getting various well targeted pages listed in google.
You won’t see much traffic from your pages just yet because you need backlinks, but then again, you never really know.

This depends largely on the keyword research that you’ve done. The next entry will contain information about social media optimization, and at this stage, you should be close to launching your site if you’ve been creating a new one.
Don’t jump the gun just yet though, because we’ve still got some valuable information to cover before we get to indexing.
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