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Web Site Checklist for Search Engine Optimization (Easy and Quick SEO)

Web Site Checklist

Print out this checklist and survey your web site. - How did you do?
__ Does your home page answer the four principle questions?
- What are you offering me? Are you trying to sell me something or is it a free information resource?
- Why should I believe you? Credibility
- What’s in it for me? Benefit
- Who are you? Contact Information and About You
__ Is your home page greeting and message visible “above the fold”, without scrolling down the page?
__ Can visitors find information easily?
__ Can Visitors get to important or common information in two clicks or less?
__ Do you have a clear and consistent method of navigation throughout the web site?
__ Can visitors bookmark individual pages?
__ Can visitors easily find contact information, phone numbers or email addresses on every page?
__ Does each page contain links to related topics, web sites, definitions, accessories, “buy now” or “contact now” (action option)?
__ Have you run a spell check on every page, and then checked to make sure you used the write words two?
__ Have you provided your visitors with a reason to remember you and come back later?
__ Can you visualize specific community members who will benefit from your web site?

Slightly Technical Stuff

__ Does every page have a unique Title?
__ Does your Title contain the Keywords for the page, and vice versa?
__ Are your Keywords also used in the test on the page?
__ Are your page titles more than one word, and more than 30 characters?
__ Do you have Alternate Text Tags for your images?
__ Are your Metatags current?
__ Do you use Text Links to other pages? (Spider Bots can not follow Buttons or Images)
__ Have you submitted your pages to the Search Engines?
__ Do you share reciprocal links?
__ Have you optimized your HTML, and do your pages have 25% text or more (higher ratio is better)?

Cool Tools

SEO Lite Toolbar - Install the Toolbar and check the link popularity on any web site
IBP (Internet Business Pages) FREE DEMO - “Optimize My Web Site” and compare to your competitors
XML Sitemap Generator - Automatically Generate a Sitemap and Metatags
Google Keyword Tool - See the Current most popular Keywords used to Search the Web
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