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The quality of the visitors who come from directories

You should know some information about the traffic generated by Dmoz directories and about the quality of the visitors.

The quality of the visitors

A directory has usually less traffic then a search engine, so it has an inferior public potential compared to the search engines one. 
But we must underline a very important aspect: visits which come from the directories are definitely superior compared to search engines traffic, since the navigator, before entering the site he wants, chooses the category which he wants and normally enters more sites of the same category. 

This means a greater interest of the visitor for the product searched and it can be interpreted as a greater “conversion rate”. 
It is obvious that when there is a clear organization, precise categories and controlled sites, we can also talk about potential customers.

We shouldn’t forget that in general directories don’t contain spam sites, spam engines or inferior quality sites. There aren’t any sites which apparently can satisfy the necessities of the customer, but after a time they turn out to be spam sites, as we mustn’t forget that when we talk about directories, we talk about editors and about a work performed by people. 

If the spiders of search engines can make mistakes, the editors shouldn’t do that.

Quality or quantity? What do you prefer?
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