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SEO Must Follow Steps

Before starting up your search engine optimization (SEO) task, you should first read this article so you will have a better understanding on what you will do. 
Below are list of the important steps you should follow in SEO.

SEO Must Follow Steps

Before starting, always make sure you know where you will begin. First, you must determine a baseline. 
The market potential and type, and the current validity of your page in terms of code, the WAI Guidelines should be considered. In addition to that, you should also include in your list the competition. After you have determined of these, you are set and ready to begin your journey.

Keyword research 

Is one of the most important steps in SEO. Keyword research means that you should choose a keyword that most users are likely to enter into the search engine. To minimize the risk in a very competitive arenas, the best way to do is to use keyword phrases or long-tail keywords.

On-page optimization 

Should give attention to internal linking, keyword density, image optimization, meta tags, page structure and navigation. Furthermore, accessibility and compliance with the WAI Guidelines should also be considered.

Creating backlinks is one good way for your website to make it into the first page of search engines and get great traffic. You can do this by blogging/articles and by using social media. One good example is by publishing a blog on the same matter as your website or writing articles on the same subjects. By doing this, you are helping establishing yourself as an authority. Using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and other similar sites will also help you reach a wider audience.
Submitting an xml sitemap to the search engines will alert them to the presence of a new site, and will aid the spiders in navigating your site, in case your navigation is either very complex, or poorly structured. Directory submissions can provide you with increased exposure.

Repeat and repeat again

This is an extremely important step to remember. Just because you’ve completed the above steps, doesn’t mean you’re finished. SEO is a continuous process.
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