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Search Engine Pay Per Click

Search Engine Pay Per Click (PPC) 

Offers a fantastic opportunity for a website to gather traffic that the website may not have gotten otherwise. The most widely used is Google’s Adwords. Surely you are familiar with the sponsored listings in Google’s search results.

Depending heavily on the amount of competition there is for a particular keyword, one might pay anywhere from five cents, up to five dollars for a click.
The price you pay for a click is predetermined by the amount you are willing to bid to show your advertisement for a particular keyphrase. This is where the massive amount of keywords that you have that are longtail come into play that only get maybe 200 searches a day.

On some of these keywords you may find little or no competition. While the traffic might not be there, the lack of traffic for each individual keyword can be made up for by the amount of keywords that you have. And since a lot of advertisers ignore these “lesser” keywords, you might be able to score first place on the paid listings for as little a ten cents a click.

How nice would that be?

Search engine pay per click advertising is one of those things you want to test, though. You could lose money rather quickly if you just dive right in.

Once your site is proven to convert visitors then you can scale accordingly.

Say that you knew for every 100 visitors, about 1 would purchase. If you make $25 from that purchase, then you need to spend less than $25 for 100 visitors (or less than a quarter a click make sense?). The concept is simple, the reality is not so much.
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