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Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing

As mentioned earlier, optimization for Search Engines (SEO acronym of ‘search engine optimizers) can be considered as the technical part of Internet Marketing because it requires a good technical knowledge on the subject, and requires at least knowledge basic HTML. When applied correctly the same time help to optimize both the promotion of the site in search engines.

Typically, optimizing websites for Search Engines (SEO) can be defined as the activity of optimizing a single web page, multiple pages … or even entire websites to make them more ‘friendly’ with the seekers, it aims to achieve better positions in the Search results pages (SERPS) or for the purpose of obtaining a higher qualification ( PageRanking ) within the environment of Internet and the results of studies undertaken to Seekers.

The Keyword

In the virtual world, especially the commercial side of the internet there is a huge competition occurring at every click of a mouse, every survey conducted in a System Search. This is the world Click! A world where everything revolves around decisions, and of course, clicks, many clicks. 

But there is another very important issue to be addressed, and perhaps the principal within a world composed of information. The word or term used in research is of utmost importance to follow up this whole mechanism. It is through the use of the word that we make decisions!

One of the most interesting features of SEO techniques is the fact that they use words or texts to promote a site on Search Engines and to achieve greater relevance in the positioning of the site and results pages from search engines. These are called ‘keywords’ may ‘work’ alone or in combination with other groups of keywords.

Optimization versus time factor: Another important point of view the applied techniques to optimize websites is that: even if it is done all that is needed this does not automatically guarantee higher ratings, especially if they neglected the basic rules of conduct and technical procedures, in which case it will certainly be a despised and work lost time. 

When we deal with on site optimization is necessary to understand that there is no way the word ‘immediacy’ and ‘time’ factor is of paramount importance during the process of indexing and updating the databases of search engines.

On the other hand, we must also admit the fact that a properly optimized website has a much higher probability of achieving good positioning in search engine results pages in Search Engines, gaining greater visibility and increased traffic and visitation.

Another factor also of paramount importance is the realistic assessment of their set goals and objective – eg. Part of the results between the first 30 URLs (Top 3) in Google for a particular keyword, rather than choose to be number one for 10 keywords in 5 Search Engines. A more coherent will certainly make you feel happier and more satisfied with the initial results.
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