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Keywords Domain

After you have completed your keyword selection process, the next step is to create a keywords domain. If you are trying to rank for a keyword “marketing strategies” for example, you’re goal at this point would be to try and get marketingstrategies.com or something closely similar.

This can be another time consuming task, but at this point in your strategy you should have completed your keyword selection and that is a huge milestone in itself.

Keywords Domain

This blog is a perfect example here. Most likely you’ve found my blog by searching for an “seo blog”, and I have both of those keywords in my domain name..
Now this isn’t entirely neccesary but it does help a great deal when trying to rank for particular keyword phrases in google.

Give this part of your process some deep thought, and even when you’ve decided on your new domain name, sleep on it.
Re-investigate your domain choices the next day along with some new ones. Eventually you will settle on keywords domain that you also think is (hopefully) tasteful.

This article will conclude the section covering market research, although more tools will be added as time progresses. The next step after your market research is done would be search engine optimization, this is where all of this research we’ve been doing will start to come together and hopefully achieve our goals as internet marketers.
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