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Keyword Selection

Keywords, you are probably familiar with the term, but do you know what It really means? In this article we will attempt to explore many different ways of doing keyword selection. A few new tools will be introduced along with some new schools of thought.

Keyword Selection

Let us begin with a bit of keyword theory. Keywords are phrases that people type into a search engine when they are looking for something. Keywords can also be thought of as audiences or markets. We can use the Google Keyword Tool to input phrases, and Google will return some results for us.
We need to go through a couple iterations of searching here. Lets pretend we are developing a new website about market research (imagine that).

Market research is a very broad topic, and based on the huge amount of google results for that keyword we can assume that it is a very competitive keyword as well. Let us type this keyword into the Google Keyword Tool and we will find some “deeper” results. For instance, we might find a newer, more specific keyword, “market research strategies”. This keyword while getting less traffic, also has less competition. That would make a candidate for our website.

Let’s look at some numbers now, some guidelines if you will.
When I do my keyword selection I tend to look for specific keyphrases that get at least 100 searches a day, and less than 50,000 results in google.
By targeting these keywords we can assume we will be able to rank and retrieve those daily visitors in a shorter amount of time. 100 visitors a day is not a great value, but we are not stopping at this keyword. The goal is to find as many specific keywords as we can that matches our criteria, and eventually create seperate pages for each of those keywords on our website.

Another tool you can use for keyword selection is Wordtracker’s Free Keyword Suggestion Tool.
Something else to note is that when you are searching for your keywords in google to find out the amount of competition, you should be placing the keywords in quotes. This is called a phrase match. Pages that rank well for a phrase match will automatically begin to rank higher for broad match (no quotes) versions of the same keyword.
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