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HTML Page Titles

HTML page titles 

Are usually the first step taken to optimize a website for the search engines. Alot of people stop here though, and that is a mistake.
In your html documents you should find a <head> tag. It might look something like this:

<head><title>MY PAGE TITLE</title></head>

You want to title your pages differently on every page, and  let me stress to you how important keywords are throughout this process.

You want the first bit of text in your title to be your target keyword for that particular page. If he had a website about dogs, our page titles might consist of “Washing Your Dog”, “Training Your Dog”, or “Teaching Dogs Tricks”.

These keywords are obviously off the top of my head nad may or may not meet our keyword selection criteria, but the goal here is to target keywords individually on each page. This process will extend into your image optimization, meta tags, and almost every aspect of search engine optimization.

This is where most people should begin creating a diagram that will show each section of that website and it’s potential pages. On this same diagram you will determine which of your keywords fit which pages the best, and you can rename those pages accordingly.

HTML Page Titles are really just the beginning, but if you can gain a solid understanding of how page titles work, you can easily apply that knowledge to all “tags” within your html and website code.
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