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HTML Image Tags

Google cant “see” your photos. HTML image tags help google to know what your images are about. This can obviously be used to your advantage, and should reinforce the notion that Google rewards relevance. Let’s take a look at an unoptimized image tag:
<img src=”picture.jpg”>

HTML Image Tags

This will obviously display an image, but Google doesn’t know the difference between your picture of donuts, and someone elses picture of nascar racing, unless you give the spider something to read. Let’s look a more optimized tage now:
<img src=”picture.jpg” ALT=”Chocolate Donuts”>

Now, google can’t see your picture, but I bet it knows what it is, do you? Thought so. One more step! This step, however, extends throughout your whole website. I am going to show you the example, and I think you will follow me without an explanation (although I will explain):
<img src=”chocolate-donuts.jpg” ALT=”Chocolate Donuts”>

Filenames. Not just images, all filenames. You want your keywords to extend into your site’s html files, sound files, image files, video files, every single peice of content that goes into your site should have a “keyword in mind”.

Now you understand the HTML image tag, and probably are beginning to truly understand how important your keyword selection was. It has affected everything else you’ve done since that research. This is a very good thing though, because you have a target.If you happen to have an existing site, I must stress to you that I know how tedious this task can be, but a significant change is indeed that, a significant change.
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