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How To Save Money With AdWords

Have you been spending money on AdWords and never seem to be getting a lot from it? Here are a few tips that can help you save good amount of money every month. This is what the best PPC services in Bangalore would also take care of so that you spend your money in the right manner and avoid wasting money on useless aspects. 

Only Google or Google Search Partners too?

Your ads are set to be shown on Google Search Partners network by default. This means that your ads are shown on hundreds of non-Google websites like YouTube, Google Maps and others. You would say this is really good but, have you thought about the costs you incur because of this? You need to know how Google Search Partner traffic is affecting your campaign – whether it is profitable to have your ad shown on Google Search Partners or not. For this, you need to simply click the Segment drop-down tab and select Network. This will show you traffic driven differently into Google only and Google Search Partners. If you find Google Search Partners traffic non-profitable, you can stop your ads to that segment of traffic by simply un-ticking the option within the campaign settings. 

Which locations are the best?

Every city in a country and every area in a city have a different price rate. For example, one city is more expensive than the other in the same country; the city centers are more expensive than the rural areas. So, if you pay attention to how different locations are affecting your campaign, you can as well save a lot of money.

You can keep a check by breaking down your campaign into a range of geographic criteria. Under the Settings tab, you can break down your country into states, cities, districts, pin codes, etc. Check which locations are giving you a good cost-per-conversion and which ones are exhausting your budget. Exclude the ones that are not bringing you any profit.

What time or day is perfect?

If your ads are showing 24 hours a day, do you think it is always being viewed by your target audience? No, right? What if you schedule your ad to run only during that time of the day when you can get a lot of target audience to view it? Won’t it be great! This is just what you can do to save quite a large sum of your money. ‘That’ time of the day could be early hours, daytime or late night hours. It may be weekdays or weekends too.

Check what the ‘wasted’ time for your ad segment is. You can use Google Analytics to see the popular times for your customers to convert through AdWords. Under the Acquisition tab, check the Hour of Day and Day of Week that are popular through statistics based on clicks and conversions.

Is your cost-per-conversion increasing?

For the number of times you take a look at your own ads, you are increasing impressions but, are decreasing the click-through rates, which negatively affect your quality scores and will increase your cost-per-click. This happens even when your ads are loved by some customers who want to click on them again and again.

This is not leading to extra conversions but, is definitely increasing your costs. This increase in cost-per-conversion does not lead to a good end-of-the-month report. So, you must ensure that your IP address and clients’ IP addresses are excluded. You can use the Ad Preview Tool that can help you view your ads and send it to your clients too.

Does the enhanced CPC help?

Google, by default, chooses the Enhanced CPC bidding feature on your campaigns that raises your bid for clicks that are likely to lead to conversions. Google decides this based on past data in Google or your account. It is highly recommended to get this liberty away from Google by removing the Enhanced CPC feature in your campaigns if you want to save your budget.

Get in touch with the best digital marketing company to take care of all your marketing needs and use these tips in your AdWords campaign right away to see great improvements made at the end of the month. You will be highly amazed!
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