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How To Increase Organic Traffic On Social Media Platforms?

Social media marketing is a great way to increase your business growth and reach out to a wider audience. There is lot of effort to be put in to sustain good social traffic. Here mentioned are some of the best practices that will amplify your organic reach on social media.

Keywords that already drive traffic

Before you start up with new strategies, it is important that you first analyze what is already working for you. Do some keyword research to find out which keywords are driving organic traffic to your content from search. Once you find them out, make sure you use them throughout your social posts. You can also monitor search volume for your keywords.

This data will help you see which keywords are increasing or decreasing in search volume among your audience. This will let you know the changes in audience interests, which can be taken into account to modify social media efforts accordingly.

Keywords that work for your competitors

Now that you know what works for you, it is also important to check what is working for your competitors to help you see if you are missing out on something. You need to keep a check on which keywords they are targeting, how they are performing in search and content, and how they are meeting the needs of the audience. You can use all this information to improve the way you are engaging with the audience through social media.

Keeping an eye on peripheral brands 

Apart from the ‘big’ competitors, you need to keep an eye on other peripheral conversations too. Look out for other brands that offer related products that are driving traffic for your target keywords. This check may bring great engagement ideas to your mind too. It can also bring inspiration for more relevant content creation, social media reach, and in turn, better conversion rates. You can engage your audience around all the topics related to the products you offer. Build up a stronger audience relationship by answering their queries and providing them with resources.

Keyword segmenting

You can segment your keywords and social posts by creating different keyword groups based on products, features, campaigns and other elements. Accordingly you can align your marketing needs and social media efforts. This will help you dive into a specific group that you want to target and see how people are talking about it, and how the category is performing in search and on social media. Compare and analyze all your groups and then make a smarter decision before allocating resources.

Keeping up with latest trends

Audience interests keep changing from time to time. And so does the way they want to view content. You need to keep up with the changing trends. You need to use the most popular words, phrases, features, descriptions and language that the audience is using. So, you will need to keep changing your content, keywords and social engagement strategies as and when required.

Merging different content types

We follow a particular sense of pattern when it comes to posting on different social media platforms. For example, posting videos on YouTube, images on Pinterest, etc. But, it isn’t necessary that you restrict to these limitations. You can merge different content types and post them across different social platforms to stand out from the others in your niche.

You know the content and keyword that is most useful for your business. Now, using this information, mix and match content, add graphics and images and post them on Pinterest. You can also post a video on Twitter and an infographic on Instagram. Provide your audience with a unique way of consuming content, and you will see surprising results!

Now, you can use all the tips mentioned in this article to get better engagement with your customers and extend your reach to a wider set of audience. If you cannot do it all on your own, you can take assistance from a renowned social media marketing company to help you at every stage of your marketing efforts.
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