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How To Get Indexed

Get Indexed

Website just launched? Here’s how to get indexed within 24 hours.
Be sure to only do this once, or you will be seen as spam.
  • Upload your site.
  • Go to Google Webmaster Tools and verify your site + submit a sitemap.
  • Create an account at Digg
  • Submit your website to Digg
That’s really all there is to getting indexed, but there is alot more you will need to do in order to acquire some traffic. This will simply get you listed somewhere in google and make them aware of your site. One thing to note however, before you pull off this procedure.
As I mentioned in the previous blog entry, you wan’t to be sure to tell Google not to index your site’s administrative functions, and any duplicate content you might have for any reason.

Why do we just cover how to get indexed in Google?

70% of all searches done on the internet are done through Google. That’s a factual statistic and alot of other search engines acquire portions of their data from Google. The moral of the story here? If your site looks good to Google, it will look good to the others as will, and likely sooner.
After you have been indexed, you want to submit new, fresh, original content on at least a weekly basis. In my experience, google updates my site about every 12-14 days, and the idea is for you to have some new content for the google spider every time it visits your page. Google loves fresh, unique content, and Google said it themselves, “Content is King”.
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