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How To Get Better Online Reviews On Your Site?

Getting reviews for your business has become a must now. Whether you are selling a product or service, you want people who have not tried it to take an initiative to try it out. For this, you need great reviews from customers who have already tried your product/service.

Large eCommerce sites have reviews on every product they sell. This is what visitors depend upon. When they are there to shop for a particular product for the first time, they go to the reviews section to check whether people have liked the product or are dissatisfied with it.

Around 30 to 50% of online shoppers depend entirely on online reviews before making a purchase. They highly trust the reviews to guide them with the purchase. A research says that conversion rates of a business have chances of doubling up if it has a large number of great reviews.

How to get reviews?

Obviously it isn’t easy to get reviews just like that. You need to work towards getting reviews on your site. Customers won’t be concerned to leave reviews  for a product or service. So, you need to request them to do so.

First of all, you must understand that there will be customers falling in three categories after having using your product – those who really loved it, those who hate it and those who are not as much concerned or are confused about it. You definitely don’t want negative reviews on your site. Having a bad or so-so response on your site is not going to do you any good.

So, you will have to focus on those customers who have loved your product. But, how would you know which customers are the happy ones? For this, you will have to contact your customers to find out what they felt about the product. If you see them giving a positive response, request them to write a review for you. You can also send an email reminder after a few days to ask for a review if they haven’t given one yet. A three or four star review is the minimum you will want.

How to get better reviews?

(1) Let the customers feel their review is important

You know that customers get nothing for putting up a review for your product. They have paid for the product and gotten it. Its done for them. So, why would they want to spend their precious time writing a review for you? This is what you need to make them understand. Make them feel that their review is important not only for you but, also for other people.

You can use compelling language like “We would love you to share your experience.” This makes them feel that their review will be valued by you. Letting them know that “Your review will help others make better decisions” will strike a chord within their minds. This is because they will consider how they had looked for reviews before making the particular purchase, and they would feel that it is their turn to help the other visitors now.

(2) Be clear about what you want from them

If you have a simple ‘review box’ on your page, the customers are going to write whatever they want, which might not be relevant to what you wished for. They may just write two words like ‘excellent product’.

This is definitely a positive review but, it says nothing more about your product. In order to get a better review written, you need to give your customers an idea of what you want from them. Prompt the customers to talk about certain aspects of the product by asking them the following questions.

Under what situation did you buy the product?
Was the product delivered to you on time?
Was the product delivered to you in good packaging?
Are you satisfied with the product?
Will you be buying the product again?

By following the above mentioned online marketing tactics, you will definitely see a rise in the number of positive reviews you get on your site. For any kind of further assistance with marketing yourself online better, you can get help from the best online marketing services in Bangalore.
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