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How to find High-Value Long-Tail Keywords?

Before looking for new keywords so that you can rank better, you must first have a complete analysis to find the search terms that are already working for you. This can be done with the help of Google AdWords Keyword Planner, which will also give you an idea of the amount of traffic driven by each term. You can also use the Google Webmaster tools to know the search terms that people are using to find you.

Many business owners look for highly competitive keywords but, they fail to understand that it isn’t necessary that such keywords would bring in conversions. This is why finding high-value keywords is very important to drive more traffic to your site.

Earlier, business owners were concerned with generating high amount of traffic to their site, regardless of how many conversions they could achieve from them. But now, businesses consider user experience as the most important element so that they could lead to conversions.

You can find out popular keywords on your site as well as new keywords that can help your business in one or more of the following ways.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Open Google AdWords Keyword Planner and navigate to Search Traffic/Search Analytics. This will show you the most popular keywords, along with the number of clicks, click-through rates and average ranking position in Google. You can select the Pages option to see which pages rank for each keyword. Based on this data, you can start optimizing meta data and the internal linking structure to these pages. You can start a link building campaign to get more links pointing to these pages.

Google’s search bar

Start typing some phrases into Google’s search bar and see which suggestions it gives for auto-completion. But, remember what is suggested by Google is based only on popularity – what the searchers are looking for. This will only give you some ideas of phrases that you can start with but, you cannot rely on this alone.

Google’s related searches

Type in a keyword phrase in Google’s search bar and then scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a section of ‘Searches related to’. This is where you will get suggestions of how you can frame your query in different ways. If you are looking for long-tail keyword suggestions, you must type in a long-tail phrase in the search bar. Also remember to write only a phrase and not a statement. You will not be getting related suggestions for searches having more than four to five words.

keywordtool.io and keyword.io 

These are keyword research tools, witj keywordtool.io being one that includes not only Google but also, YouTube, Bing and the App Store. Start by typing in a list of keywords one by one and you will start getting an expanded list of related keywords for your searched phrase. keyword.io is another similar tool which works only for Google. But, the advantage it offers is that it lists the pages that you have to beat for every keyword.


Targeting highly-specific long-tail keywords will not only result in conversions but, will also be easier to rank for and cheaper to bid on. HitTail is a tool that can help by suggesting long-tail keywords by specifying which search engine does a particular keyword rank on. This tool will also look at your existing traffic and determine which long-tail phrases you must target to increase traffic on your site.


Analyzing which high-value keywords your competitors are using is very important. Make a list of your competitors and start entering their URLs into SEMRush. Click on Paid Search to see what keywords they are bidding on. Click View Full Report and sort by CPC to get the keywords with the highest CPC. These will be those keywords that are surely bringing in more traffic and conversions to their websites.
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