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How To Change Blogger Comment Box To Disqus Comment Box

You might have observe that many blog or website owners are changing there blogger comment box to Disqus comment box. And suddenly at same time questions raised in our mind that how do they change it. Same way i was also confused about the same.

But after time passed i find tips for the same. Before you proceed i want to inform that steps to recover your blogger comments which are already published on your blog. So it's time to cheer.

There are also third party login system a part from Disques like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.


How To Change Blogger Comment Box To Disques Comment Box

As you see that i have also changed my blogger comments to disqus the basic reason behind it is that we are a just a beginner so we are trying to be more familiar with our visitor. Here is a few easy step through which you can also change your commnent box.
Step 1: Create your disqus Accout Click Here.
Step 2: After it go to the Admin > Settings > Install > Blogger Button.
Step 3: At Blogger > Settings > Posts and comments > make sure Who Can Comment? is set to Anyone.
Step 4: Next  click on button "Add site "#" to blogger".
Step 5: Select you blog in which you want to add disqus comment box. and Click on "Add Widget" Button.
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