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How is Anchor Text Optimzation Important for Link Building?

A successful link-building campaign is highly based on anchor text optimization. This is because the anchor text that is used to link to another page or site is an important ranking factor. This is why it is recommended to highly focus on optimizing anchor text if you want to receive a good amount of backlinks.

Google’s Penguin update had made anchor text an important element to focus on in order to gain higher ranking in search engines.A researched showed that for a healthy, search-friendly link building, a ratio is 7:3 is required of non-targeted to targeted anchor text. Another research showed that 65% of surveyed anchor texts were non-targeted containing random words which were not keywords and 35% anchor texts consisted of targeted anchor words, which contained keywords and brand names. The best suggested percentages are – 60% for branded or non-targeted anchor texts, 30% for partial match keywords and 10% for exact matched anchor texts.

Anchor text is a great way to improve user experience and ranking in search engines. This is why just like in other cases, here too there have been many spams and malpractices. Google having realized this, has been altering the algorithm to get rid of as much as anchor text spam as possible. Google analyzes your entire backlink profile to find out if your anchor text distribution is natural or artificial.

In order to get the most natural looking back links, you need to take care that you provide varied anchor texts in different places. It is very natural for you to provide the same anchor texts everywhere when you contact webmasters to link to you. When you submit to directories or guest blogs, you provide the exact same anchor texts.

This is a mistake you make because Google considers these repetitive links as duplicates or unnatural links. So, instead of writing the same anchor text everytime, you need to provide a change at times depending on the circumstances and context. In order to provide variety, you can do various things like use synonyms of the words, convert the word to a singular or plural as required or switch the way you use multiple words in the phrase.

You can also add a word or two to your regular anchor text for example, providing the city or state you are based in. You can also combine different keywords to offer a varied form of your anchor text. Use these tiny little things to provide different anchor text at different places.

However, at times it is alright to use exact-match keywords. For example, you may look at the top ranking sites in Google for a keyword you want to target and see what anchor texts they are using. The sites that are ranking on the first page of Google definitely have done a good survey and are using the right practices.

So, it is alright if you just copy the anchor texts that they are using. A survey has shown that the number 1 site on Google for a keyword uses exact match anchor text about 12% of the time. So, it is alright if you stick to using the exact match keyword 10 to 15% of the time too.

Link building is a very unpredictable field, which is constantly changing. But, it cannot be forgotten that backlinks add value to your content, which increases the visitors’ trust in you, which in turn leads to conversions. So, you must make sure to optimize your anchor text for brand promotion rather than stuffing keywords in order to rank higher.

Although it is okay to use exact match anchor texts for a while but, don’t forget that Google Penguin penalizes sites with poor link building strategies, which include sites that overuse keyword anchor text. So, work to focus on more natural text and partial keywords in your anchor text too, which will result in your page ranking to survive Penguin’s anchor text conditions and add value for your visitors and customers over time.

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