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Google Webmaster Tools-Link Report Now With More Diverse Data

Google announced they have improved the linkage data from Google webmaster tools “Links to your site” export option for “Download sample links”.

Earlier, the download sample links report downloaded a sampling of links in alphabetical order and stopped after a maximum of 100,001 links, it wasn’t that useful to users when they could get so many results from a single domain and there was no way to sort them.

Now the sampling of links is not done in alphabetical order, instead it is ordered in alphabetical order but rather it is now “sampled uniformly from the full spectrum of backlinks” said Google.

Shortly, when you download your data, you’ll notice a much broader, more diverse cross-section of links. Site owners looking for insights into who recommends their content will now have a better overview of those links and will find easier to see where to spend their time and effort.

This is a great change and has already gone live, so now you can download a better cross-section of your backlinks in Google webmaster tools.
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