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Google Wallet App for all Android Phones

Google announced that they will release the newest version of Google Wallet this week to all Android phones running Android 2.3 or above.

What is this new app all about?

This new Google Wallet app will allow users to send money from anywhere using email addresses that have been linked to bank accounts, keep store loyalty cards in a locker of sorts with a quick scan of your card, find and use Google offers with ease and see all of your purchase activity in one place.

With the new Google wallet app, you can leave all your plastic loyalty cards at home and carry them on your phone. To add your cards simply scan the barcode or input  the card number into the app. You can easily join new programs like Alaska Airlines, Belly and Red Mango within the Google wallet app.

And coming soon, choose even more programs including Avis Car Rental, BJ’s Restaurants, Cosi, Hard Rock International, InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott International, Raley’s and The Body Shop.

The app will still make purchases via tap-and-pay over NFC, but your phone-as was the case in the past-needs to be on their approved device list, which currently includes 29 different devices. Google did mention that they have more NFC-enabled devices on the horizon as they “continue to invest in NFC with partners”.

Continue to check the Play store, the new app will roll out this week or update your existing Wallet app.
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