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Features of Webmaster Tools to Improve Website Optimization

One of the best ways for search engine optimization of your website is through the use webmaster Tools from Google. Web developers and website owners throughout the globe use Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) not only to diagnose and monitor their website, but also to optimize it.
Webmaster’s tools surely are one of the best things in an online marketer’s toolbox with which you can easily evaluate and maintain your website’s presence in the search engine results.

But there are several times, when website owners are not sure about the features/ tools that need to be used in order to get better results. In this blog post, we aim to suggest you some of the best features of Webmaster Tools which surely will help you in the search engine optimization process.

So here is the list of some amazing Features of Webmaster Tools:

Links to your Site

This surely is one of the best features of Google Webmasters Tools. Through this feature you can easily come to know about the websites which link to you. This feature enables you to download the URL lists in a Google doc/ CSV file and make use of it in various backlink building processes. In fact SEO companies can easily make use of this data from various angles in order to build a better SEO strategy.

Indexation Status

As the number of indexed pages is changing regularly, it is crucial that SEO professionals keep a track of the indexed pages. GWT helps you do this comfortably. All you need to is
  •  Go to ‘Google Index’
  • Click the ‘Index Status’
With these two simple steps you can very easily monitor the indexation status.

Crawl Errors

If you want your SEO efforts to reap maximum benefit, then it is critical that you have the latest list of site/URL related errors. It is here that GWT’s Crawl Errors feature becomes quite helpful. By giving a list of broken URLs, URLs that point to pages which are non-existent, pages which are inaccessible by GoogleBot, this tool helps you take the necessary steps so that visitors do not leave the website disappointed.

Fetch as Google

This tool helps you view a web page just the way Google views it. This surely is one of the most impressive features of GWT as it provides you information about
  •  The time and date of crawl request
  •  The HTTP response returned by the server
  •  The HTML code
  • The indexing content
  •  Screenshot of pages as viewed by Google
This way it helps you resolve issues related to the poor performance of the page in SEO results. To access this feature, you just have to
  •  Click on “Crawl”
  • Then click “Fetch as Google”
  •  Type the URL of the page which you intend to examine
  •  And then click on “Fetch and Render”
These are some of the best and quite useful features of Google Webmaster Tools which you can use to the advantage of your website. You can surely explore several other features of GWT as per the requirements of your website. We are sure that by using these features you can build up a strong and highly productive SEO strategy which will improve the overall performance of your website.
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