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Fast and Furious Keywords Analyzer

In black hat SEO, one of the safest tactics is to build lots of sites and then build some more. The more markets you set up stakes in, the more winners you will find, the more money you will make.
It’s relatively easy to find new markets, especially in consideration of the fact that winners are often not where you expect to find them and costs associated with launching a new site with thousands of pages is extraordinarily low.

Having a look at that cost, it becomes evident that beyond useful software purchased here and there to provide more reach and automation, the biggest investment is time. For example, you can get a domain for about .60$ at registerfly, hosting for one site for about .10$ a month. Total money investment is under a dollar…

The most important cost then is time. Beyond putting together a system that gets the job done in terms of indexing your sites, getting rankings and then converting clicks or sales, building new outlets for this system fast is what will have the strongest effect in determining your success and income.
That being said, the greatest time waster, or to be fair, investment of time is in keyword research. Done manually, this can end up making you into a drone and using up 90% of the time you allot to your black hat activities.

A while back, that was the case for me. I used Wordtracker, Overture, several free tools… I could build large high performing keyword lists but it would take ages and be a huge drain on brain functions as it’s highly repetitive and done over and over becomes very boring.
Lately I started working with Keyword Discovery, a powerful tool with a huge database of search terms including the famed longtail keywords that produce so well. My only problem with this application was how slow it was. Keyword Discovery standard edition will give you access to 1000 results for terms you search. You can then search any of these 1000 results and so forth until you find what you’re looking for. Great. Problem is, you can only add keywords to your “basket” 100 at a time. Result: you’ll get a great keyword list, but for a list 5000 strong, you might be looking at hours worth of clicking and searching.

I knew I was onto something with Keyword Discovery but the slowness of it was turning me into a drooling zombie. I needed to make this thing go faster, but how?
My programming skills are pretty basic, to put it politely. I’d love to make all the stuff I use myself but using out of the box software is often cheaper and faster than learning everything and reinventing the wheel every time you need something.

It works very well for some people and I hope one day to get to that level. For now I’m quite content to use part of the money I generate to make the system more effective by buying the tools that will speed things up or otherwise increase returns.
Keywords Analyzer has proven to be one of these. In fact it’s saved me so much time in keyword research that I may just be able to crack open those PHP manuals that have been gathering dust… Being free of countless, mind-numbing hours of keyword research has also allowed some of my will to live to return, which is always useful when trying to accomplish anything at all.

Keywords Analyzer

Keywords Analyzer is not strictly a black hat keyword research tool. It has great features for regular SEO as well as powerful functions for PPC campaign and competition analysis. However, that’s not what I use it for.
I use it to generate absolutely huge, deep keyword lists extremely fast. And it works.
There are two mains ways to build these lists. First of all Keywords Analyzer is a high performance Overture Inventory Scraper. You can launch 40 threads on proxies that will dig as many keywords as you want on as many levels as you specify. For example, if you started with the word car and dug on many levels you could just click the button and come back hours later to find a list of 100,000 keywords, a lot of them as deep as “buy cheap new car muffler New Jersey”.
Use the built in filters that come with Keywords Analyzer to remove the stuff you don’t want and export your list in a text or excel file. Very fast, very automated, very easy.
Here is where it really took the load off for me. Scraping Overture has its limits. There’s a lot of people doing it so competition is never as low as it could be for the terms found, plus results are only based on one search engine. Thus the reason why Keyword Discovery is so appealing.
Keyword Analyzer also scrapes Keyword Discovery. You need to have an account with Keyword Discovery for this to work, but if you do, watch out, you’re in for an avalanche of juicy search terms in a hurry. Somehow, this application is able to query the Keyword Discovery database about 25 times faster than results are returned when clicking manually. It also sucks them right into a list for you.
Here is how I have been using it with great satisfaction.
I enter a couple of root keywords and set KA(Keywords Analyzer) to go get the top 100 search phrases for them from KD (Keyword Discovery). I then copy paste the results back into the search tool and change the setting so KA returns 1000 results for each in KD. About 20 minutes later, I will likely have a huge keyword list with tons of long tail searches.
If the list is to my satisfaction, I stop there, enter the next root keywords and go off to generate a huge site with my fresh list. Otherwise, I select some more terms from the expanded list, add synonyms and lateral searches and search again. This will usually fetch an enormous list. A couple of filters later, it’s ready to go.
Another simple feature is keyword concatenating. Big word for a simple function. It simply means to add words at the beginning or end of a search term.
Keywords Analyzer can do this too. Paste your search terms in the central column, add a word in the left column and or one in the right column, press the button and there you have it.
This is great if you want to go after specific local markets or a particular phase of the user’s search process.
For example, if you were to build a site on car insurance, you could generate the 1000 most popular searches for that term, pop it into the keyword permutation tool that comes with Keyword Analyzer and then in a couple of clicks add descriptors and action words to the end and beginning of each term. Effectively, a quite general term like “cheap car insurance” instantly becomes “buy cheap car insurance New Jersey”.
This kind of keyword permutation can provide very impressive results and once again, being able to do it fast is the key to launching your black hat income into the stratosphere.
All in all, at less than $100, Keywords Analyzer proves to be a very valuable part of the black hat tool arsenal. Used correctly, it provides huge returns and can easily swing from black hat list builder to PPC campaign optimizer and more.
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