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Dmoz – the biggest directory in the world

Let’s talk about– Open Directory Project.
Dmoz, is the biggest directory in the world, for which thousands of volunteer editor’s work, who deal with introducing sites in the directory, once they were detected by webmasters.

Biggest directory in the world

If you want to enter your site in dmoz, the single piece of advice I can give you is to be very careful with all the norms and registering rules (TOS - Terms of Service) which are well explained on the dmoz site, and you mustn’t break them, once your site was accepted.

In order to enter a site in your language, in dmoz use the link: http://www.dmoz.org/World/ and there select your language and try to choose the category which is the most suitable to your site. There are many cases when valid sites were rejected because they didn’t choose the suitable category.

The only default of this directory is that there isn’t any time guaranteed for the introduction, and this happens because the people who work here, the editors are volunteers, who work during their spare time. If you want a quick entering, you may use directories which do this for a sum of money.

To be present within directories is useful for the position in the search engines. It is good to know that the presence in the directories is also fundamental in order to obtain a good position and indexing in search engines, and this is due to the fact that most of the search engines, use these directories as a starting point of network spiders, or as comparison terms, in order to evaluate the quality of a site, and therefore to decide its position.
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