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Connect with your Millennial Shoppers

Millennial, a term usually used for those born between the year 1980 and 2000. They are the last generation of the 20th century as well as the first truly digital generation. This demography – between the ages 14-35 is regarded as the most valuable target group by most of the online businesses.

They form one of the major chunks of India’s population, and have strong purchasing power. This is what makes them a hot market to target on. In fact if you build your marketing strategy based on demographics, you are sure to reap lot of profits. Being one of the leading ecommerce web design companies, we present you ways in which you can attract this promising crowd and boost your goodwill as well as ROI.

  • Sell online

Yes, no place is better than online stores. Millennial due to their hectic lifestyle prefer shopping from online stores. So get in touch with some good ecommerce web developers and start selling online. If you think that your products will not sell online, then you are greatly mistaken – right from apparels, jewelry, shoes and medicinal drugs to home goods and electronic appliances – this crowd buys it all online.

  • Optimize you website for all devices

Millennial shop from several devices – desktop, laptop, mobile phones, tablets – almost whatever has internet connectivity. Therefore it becomes very important that you get your website optimized for all the devices, so that you can give them an easy and friendly shopping experience.

  • Gear your marketing strategy towards social media

Popular social media platform is the place where all the real action takes place. These platforms play a crucial role in influencing the shopping decisions of millennial. Around 60% millennial use social media to share their positive and negative reviews, while 50% use social media alone to make recommendations on products and services. Thus it is crucial that you make social sharing as a core component in your marketing strategy.

  • Write content which appeals millennial

It is through your content that millennial usually come to know about your company and services. Before buying anything, around 85% millennial conduct an online research and more than half of this research happens online only. Thus it is very important that you come up with original content which not only engages them, but also passes on the message that you are serious about your business. Please note that television and print advertising are not a part of “content” which is usually viewed by the millennial.

  • Offer discounts and loyalty gifts

This is the best way not only to attract the millennial, but also to keep them from going away. Before making any purchase around 60% of shoppers look for better offers and most competitive prices. They also see to it if their purchases offer them some point which can later be redeemed as discounts. Therefore it is very important that you attract the millennial with some amazing offers, discounts and easily redeemable loyalty points/ gifts.

The call of the day is to target the right product to the right audience. And even if you have the right product, your business might not take off well if you do not target the right audience/ market. Therefore come up with a great strategy which will target the millennial in the right manner and see your business grow.
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