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Blogging, Time Management and Contact Form Use

Blogging tips blogs like  can quickly become “revolving door” blogs.  As most bloggers asking for help do not have related blogs the likelihood that they will publish a post containing a backlink to the blogging tips blog of the person they received help from is very low.


Contact form use issues

One can find oneself spending a great deal of time “privately” answering  the same questions posed through contact form use over and over again.  By answering “off-the-blog” the blogger gains nothing  in terms of blog promotion via publicity,  and also gains nothing in terms of increased readership, hits and backlinks to the blog.

Time management issues

I am a time management wizard who is skilled at mutitasking. I’m self employed and making a living is where the majority of my time is spent.  The second draw on my time is relationships with family and friends.  In third position for drawing on my time is blogging.


As my time is in high demand, I have made the decision to change my approach to answering questions posed through comment form use in 2010.  In the event that I am asked a question by way of  contact form use on a topic that I believe other bloggers may benefit from hearing the answers to,  I will publish a new post on the topic.


Publish a new post on the topic will result in me, my blog and other bloggers benefiting in the following ways:
  • the blog posts will be indexed by search engines so other bloggers can locate them;
  • the  posts themselves will then receive hits from those who come to read the posts and benefit from the information in them;
  • the blog will be able to receive the benefit  backlinks from those who link to them;
  • and I will benefit by making better use of my time.

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