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Blogger Generator for Fast Indexing

Where ever you can save some time, you need to put serious consideration. In black hat SEO, indexing, or getting your sites pages into the various search engine indexes is one of your primary concerns. You need to be able to generate a site on a new domain and get hundreds if not thousands of pages into the indexes as fast as possible.
There are several ways to do this, namely, links from high PR sites, link spamming and blog and ping.

Blogger Generator

Link spamming is a story for another day and high PR links too, but I just want to make a little comment on it here.
There are three main methods for generating high PR links to your sites. You can buy them, which gets expensive in a hurry and is not recommended for Black Hat SEO except in very specific situations.
You can send links from our own sites on which you have earned this PR. Again, not really recommended because you have a limited quantity of links to give and linking to spam will drain or nullify your page rank in a hurry.

Finally, you can use little exploits like the movable type comment preview to generate these links. This last one can be time consuming but is generally quite worthwhile as the link will help your site along later when what you want is ranking for your keyword pages.
What this post is really about is Blog and Ping. This is one of the simplest most accessible ways of getting your sites indexed. There are tons of tools out there for it but some stand out more than others.
I have already reviewed the Blog Solution which achieves good results while also delivering a bit more. It is not the fastest indexing tool on the market, delivering superior results to others but after the site has been around a bit longer.

For nearly instant indexing, nothing beats Blogger blogs. Blogger is a Google company, for which the main domain has a PR of 10. It is quite probable that some of this power is passed down to subdomains created on Blogger. Search engine spiders basically live on Blogger and like these blogs a lot. They appear in search engines faster and rank better for an equivalent blog on any other platform. This makes them a tool of choice for getting black hat sites indexed.

The problem is, creating Blogger blogs manually is a dead boring, time consuming task. Plus the Blogger templates come with the “no follow” tag, an attempt to prevent PR from being passed on…
Joseph Tierney has built a high performance tool that takes care of all these problems: Blogger Generator. It does pretty much what its name says. It generates Blogger blogs for your use at breakneck speed.
Here is the gist of it. Once you have the software installed (easy wizard install), all you have to do is create a user name and password, configure a couple of settings to suit your preferences and start generating blogs.

Blogger Generator allows me to generate approximately 10 blogs per minute. The only thing I need to do is enter the captcha that the interface puts up on the screen.
So approximately 20 minutes in, I have 200 new Blogger blogs that are ready to go. I then use the free tool Blog Poster, included with the package to make one post to these blogs. Sometimes this post is composed of articles and links but most of the time; it is all mass links to my new or existing sites.
I use another free tool included with the package, Grablinks, which I’ve mentioned before, to go and grab all the links from my site maps. Grablinks automatically saves these links, one per line, in a text file. I then fire up the aforementioned Blog Poster and set it to post 1000 of these links on every new blog I just created. Yup, you read right, one thousand links per blog.
A couple of minutes later, Blog Poster has worked its magic and I have 200,000 or so links to just about every page of my sites.

The final step is to use yet another free tool that comes with the package to ping all these new blogs. Thankfully, Blogger Generator is very well made and saves all these new blogs to a file that I specify. Therefor I just need to double click Blog Pinger, select the file that has the new blogs and press submit.
I then let Blog Pinger run in the background, pinging the blogs every six hours for a week. My job is done.

In short order, I have created an indexing machine with unique one way backlinks to 200,000 new pages. 3 or so days later, I will start seeing these pages sucked into the search engines. About a week later, I will have thousands upon thousands of pages indexed that can now receive organic search traffic and start raking in the money.

Just like any other tool out there, Blogger Generator is not the magic solution to becoming rich. It is however perhaps the most efficient indexing tool for your black hat sites. At under $100, it’s a rather essential application that you shouldn’t hesitate to add to your arsenal.
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