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Backlink Software

This backlink software can produce amazing results, but it most definitely should be used very carefully. You musn’t overdo it, and although it will basicly work on autopilot, you want to use it in spurts, not all of the time.
So what am I rambling on about backlink software? The name of the software that I use is called Bookmarking Demon. With bookmarking demon you basically setup all your information once.

Backlink Software

Setup your accounts information with various social bookmarking sites, setup the site you would like it to bookmark and basically let it do it’s thing.

That’s all their is to it, easy. Before any of you use this awesome software though I must stress that you only use this software to hasten up the process of manually submitting your bookmarks. You do not want to bookmark one page more than once per site, so this program is not something you want to leave on 24 hours a day to gain you backlinks.

However, it will help you build backlinks rather quickly depending on the amount of content you have.

If you submit 1 page to 30 social bookmarking sites, thats 30 links. On the same token, if you had 10 pages and submitted them all to social bookmarking services with this tool you would then acquire 300 links. You are seeing where this is going now right? Also keep in mind, if you grab this tool and you already have a site with 100 pages or whatever, just use the backlink software to submit one page a day. This will keep you out of trouble with the social networks for spamming. Nobody likes spam, and nobody responds to spam.
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