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Automated blogs - gray hat seo

Here's a technique you may try if you're ready to give up on trying to get search engine traffic through traditional SEO methods.
Blog "automation" simply means that instead of authoring your own blog articles you download content from other sites at set intervals by installing a scraping tool.  In essence, then, your blog continually adds content without any intervention.  It's quite easy to amass an incredible number of articles this way in a very short period of time.

While not illegal the method is frowned upon by search engines because the articles are recycled, hence adding no unique value to the internet.  Still it could be argued that by compiling relavent articles in one place you are doing nothing different from social blogging sites such as Digg.  To avoid the wrath of search engine blacklisting try limiting the frequency and volume of articles you download to no more than 2-4 times a day and a maximum of 10-12 new articles a day.  That may not sound like much but in a year you will have amassed over 3,600 pages of relavent content for your blog.

Gray Hat SEO

In this article I will discuss one tool for managing automated content on a blog, "SmartRSS."  SmartRSS is a plug-in module for WordPress that obtains content from RSS feeds.  There are a number of sites offering free articles via RSS which you may freely post on your site providing you include author references and a link back to the host site.  Here are some freed article sites worth a look:
  • Article Dashboard Directory
  • Article Gold
  • Article Pros

SmartRSS simply converts the syndicated content into permanent articles in WordPress.  Of course you could use the tool to convert RSS feeds from virtually any source, but I strongly suggest you  only use content that is freely available for republishing.
Some features of SmartRSS include:
  • virtually unlimited number of RSS sources
  • each feed can be assigned to a WordPress category
  • configurable number of maximum articles to scrape in any one pass
  • some capabitlities to clean html and remove java scripts from incoming feeds
  • script that can be run as a cron job
  • ability to allow only posts of a minimum length (e.g. 1,000 characters or more)
Once you have completed setting up SmartRSS and a cron job that will run the SmartRSS script at set intervals (I recommend 2-4 times a day maximum) all you have to do is start promoting the site.
SmartRSS is provided as a stand alone plug-in for WordPress and also comes as a package with a Google Adsense optimized WordPress template and a number of other plug-ins for optimizing search engine optimization.

For any WordPress blog I'd also recommend installing Google Analytics, All in one SEO, XML Sitemaps, and one of the social bookmarking plug-ins.  If you'd like to further monetize your site consider the aLinks module which automatically attaches text ads to keywords you set up.  aLinks works with ClickBank, Amazon, and virtually any other sponsor that allows text ads.  If you don't like SmartRSS you may also consider FeedWordPress or WP o Matic.  Unfortunately there are no such plug-ins currently available for other CMS systems such as Drupal or Joomla.

Remember, this practice isn't exactly encouraged by search engines and many legitimate webmasters so think clearly about using this technique before jumping right in.
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