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All About Google Knol

Everybody in the Internet world knows that the more sites you can showcase your expertise on a specific subject the more beneficial it will be.
As of the present, there are already a large number of authority sites where you can post your articles in order for you to advertise your expertise in your chosen field of subject matter.

About Google Knol

One of these authority sites that is fast making a name is Google Knol. It is a huge site launched by one of the major search engines, Google. It is fashioned as an online encyclopedia, consisting of opinion pieces known as knols, which came from submissions of large mass of contributors.
Google defines knol as “a unit of knowledge.” It is also used to describe the actual site and the articles found in the site. 
What attracts users to knols is because it can be totally based on your own brainstorms, ideas or opinions and it doest not require a quota of materials posted to be resourced through posted media.

With knol you don’t also have to give or furnish expert corroboration to back up your brainstorms and points of view. Knok writers are also accorded public credit for their accomplishments through by-lines and biographies.

Since Google Knol was launched into the market, a lot of controversies regarding it have been going around. May don’t agree that Knol allows opinions ran factual content, while others worry that Google may be biased when it comes to search engine rankings for knol.
The thing that makes Google Knol ahead of other authority sites is that it allows writers realistic authorization autonomy when it comes to the kind of content they choose to write and post. According to Google Knol website, “they are around to help publish what you know.” This means that in reality, whatever you deem yourself to be specialized in can have a knol or more written about it. It is somehow identical to how Seth Godin positioned Squidoo.

Unlike other authority sites, Google Knol allows a number of knols all with the same topic and this includes knols that have the same titles. Visitors browse through the site depending on the topic they’re searching for and are presented with a listing of knols that are subject-related. This gives your knols the same crack at exposure on the site like everyone else.
One of the many reasons why you should start posting on Google Knol is because it is a superb way to make yourself known in whatever topic or subject you deem yourself as knowledgeable and specialized in.

Furthermore, Google Knol permits writers or authors to post knols to promote business products and services with the provision that in doing so you must include the true content that is beneficial to readers within your advertising knols. This generates increase in exposure for your website, business and business products.

It is user-interface friendly since it is very easy to use. The visible presence of a quick button list of options at the top helps you make hyperlinks, format, add images and etc. This can make doing things very interesting and absorbing.
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