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Algorithm Is Key

The type of algorithm used by search engines and how they use such algorithm is key to determining how various websites will rank on the search engine results pages (SERPs) for a particular search keyword or phrase.   

Algorithm is key to what search engines will specifically look for when they silently crawl websites, and subsequently rank and index them for future searches from online users.

Search engines like Google constantly update the algorithms they use in their searches.  The current trend today is for search engines to find the sites that provide the most relevant and appropriate content to rank higher in the SERP.  Still, algorithm is key to this process. 

The objective is to keep unscrupulous SEO practitioners from “cheating” on SERP rankings by focusing more on “optimizing” sites using tricks they know will work well with current search engine algorithms, instead of providing good content.

As algorithm is key still, the challenge for SEO is to develop techniques that will adapt and work well on the new search engine algorithm.  As search engines continue to find ways to provide their users with the most relevant results for their searchers, so must SEO professionals continue to find ways to understand how search engines will behave. 

To all these, knowing how search engines utilize algorithm is key to successfully optimizing web pages and making them rank high.
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