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Window Web Hosting - A Perfect Route to Hosting Appealing Websites

Microsoft is the major player in the market with their windows hosting platform for all types of servers. Windows Server 2008 and Windows NT are the major server and platform of Microsoft and are the flagships in its business.
Many corporate giants are depending on it and knowing their demand Microsoft trying to improve on it and add new technology too.

The advantage of Windows is in their tools that assist the clients of the web hosting firm in their web development activities. Also, Windows Server supports most Microsoft products including Microsoft FrontPage - a popular Web authoring tool.

Window Web Hosting

A minor disadvantage for the Windows Operating System is that it is little costlier than other systems like Linux and UNIX. Unlike Linux, Windows provides users with more features and applications. When it comes to web hosting services, cost must not be the consideration but the service you are getting.
Windows provides best services at very competitive pricing. The backend support through which somebody can manage their web site, which is an additional feature that other Operating Systems (OS) do not offer, is really an advantage to the Windows users.

Along with this another major disappointment is that the Windows hosting is quite confusing to handle and understand for beginners while the linux one is backed with wizard based scripts or platforms like the Cpanel which allow you to easily manage the whole server.

The ASP application, which is a potent tool for all the webmasters, programming that allows you to build dynamically database-driven web pages (connecting to Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL server), offered by MS also known as Classic ASP, was their first server-side script-engine for dynamically-generated web pages.
It was initially brought out as an add-on to Internet Information Services (IIS) through the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack; it was subsequently included as a free component of Windows Server Windows 2000 Server. On the lookout for more technology innovations ASP was superseded by ASP.NET.

In short, Windows hosting is the best way to follow for organizations and webmasters who want to give their website a great look and provide the end user with a good experience of browsing.
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