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Why Titles Are Important In Article Marketing

It’s the window to your article…the title yet many put themselves “out of the ball game” with a lame title. The title is the phrase which is usually highlighted in the search results so you can get an idea of how important the search engines consider them.

But more importantly, a title needs to also reflect what the article is about and unless you include your targeted keyword, then you’ll have little chance of firstly attracting search attention and secondly, getting the reader to go beyond reading your title.

So let’s take a look at an example of a good title. If your article is about dog training dvd then you better make sure this is included in the heading. It’s your main keyword and what the article is about.
Search engines will immediately be able to tell what your piece is about simply by reading your title. So here is an example of how you would construct it:

“How To Find The Best Dog Training DVD On The Market”

Now that’s a fair title but there is still plenty of room for improvement. What about this:

Dog Training DVD - Best DVD Tips For Dog Training”

Can you see what we’ve done. We’ve double dipped a little. The term “dog training dvd” is in the title and mentioned first which is important. But we have further emphasized it by mentioned dvd and dog training again in the follow up. So there is little doubt about what this article is about.

This is a strong article marketing tip but be careful you don’t go overboard with it. Directories such as Ezine Articles don’t like you mentioning the key phrase in the title twice and you can usually get around it by splitting it up the second time around. Or you can simply mention it one and a half times.
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