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Why Free Keyword Software Won't Solve Your Problem...But This Will..

If you are looking for free keyword software, you will want it to be able to do certain things. I call them 'the 4 golden rules'. They are the cornerstone to any advantageous marketing campaign for any keyword. I have used many keyword programs and this particular one is worth downloading even if the experimental period is limited! You can dig up more useful keywords in one hour with this deed than you could with other free keyword software tools in an 8 hour span.

Chargeless Keyword Software

If you want killer keywords that hit every time from keyword software, you want it to be able to provide you with the following information:

* Relevancy- This part of the equation deals with a certain keyword or keyword phrase having to do with whatever creation or service you are selling. If you were running a pet store you would look for certain animal terms being searched on and so on. But even more great there are terms that fall outside those words 'parrot' or 'dog' specifically.

These are called lateral terms. Market Samurai finds these for you as a matter of usual practice so you don't have to rack your brain on brainstorming for keywords that are related to the normal ones. This is the one most people do the right kind of research on.

* Traffic- Of method this element of the equation is great to the 'nines' (very important). If you don't have this part down, your certainly not going to be making a whole lot of sales. This is painfully obvious to many, but traffic lonesome is not enough to span the river...which of course brings us to the next factor in determining good keywords.

* Competition- This is the step almost everyone drops the ball on. And they do to their own painful detriment. If this step of the evaluation process is overlooked, your article or post will be buried in binary code on the bottom of the shoes of all the other web sites stepping on your head. Market Samurai chops this step down with one focused and powerful swipe of the sword and hands you the prize.

* Conversion- I would rather have 2 visitors a day with one that converted (produced a sale) than a million visitors a day with no conversions or sales whatsoever. So sales without conversion is really pretty useless. free keyword software Market Samurai makes sure that this crucial step is covered.

Free Keyword Software for The Masses?

Besides giving important functionality and features Market Samurai really delivers through it's extensive set of other almighty market research tools like (these features are unbelievably powerful):

* Classification Tracker
* SEO acme Ten Matrix
* Domain Research
* Huge Monetization Research
* Willing Finder
* Willing Publisher
* Promotional Tools

This Chargeless Keyword Software is Worth Fighting Over.... But you don't have to fight...

Click Under Here to download the DELUXE UPGRADED version for absolutely nothing.
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