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White Hat SEO Tips: How to Get More Search Traffic

Some white hat SEO tricks are a tiny bit away from falling flat into the black zone in 2015. For example, Google indexing spiders consider keyword density above 5% to be keyword stuffing, with 1%-3% being ideal. But that was a trick used around 2013.

Get Social

Social media sites are your friends again, and smart integration of these channels can have a lasting effect on your SEO strategies for 2015. Some are different from 2014’s and earlier tricks such as participating resourcefully on online forums.

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network of the past year. It is one of the best ways to refer organic traffic to your main website. In 2015, Facebook is introducing new tools for publishers including the call-to-action (CTA) button which is making quality inbound links out of prompts such as “book now”, “contact us”, and “Watch video”.

Google indexing gives special interest to link building. The active use of the external links leading readers to your website from social media sites is one way to help your search rankings and visibility online in 2015 and beyond.

Also, sending out optimized newsletters is one white hat SEO trick that should see more success in 2015 than before.

Get Listed Elsewhere

Have your business name and services (domain name) listed in other credible websites. Have the services description written by a pro writer keeping SEO phrases in mind. By doing this you are inviting search engine optimization by way of establishing a strong domain presence and authority.

Backlinks and quality inbound links generated from third party sites are bound to result in traffic from such efforts. If you are a business for example, you can have your business listed in long experienced business directories. Google usually checks such sites as its primary sources for gauging other sites.

The Yellow Pages of the internet give your site credibility, a reputation of quality that most search engines are increasingly looking out for in 2015.

Include Citations

For local SEO sake, cite important information about your business such as the name, contact number and address. Ensure the information cited is as accurate as possible, so it matches with information contained on other sources such as your Google+ account.
The information is best located either at top (header) or bottom (footer) of your website. You can use Yelp to ease the process.

Titles vs Metadata

In 2015, trend carefully when using metadata for SEO. It is almost becoming black hat. Using keywords and keyphrases in the title, sub titles and responsibly within the site content, however, is still game.

The trick is to use relevant and unique keywords and keyphrases on each page. Unlike before, where listing random keywords for a couple of pages worked the trick on Google’s Panda, you now need keywords that mirror the content displayed on the same page.

Very importantly, use of standalone keywords is subtly being passed up by use of keyphrases from 2015 onwards. Google explains that phrases are more relevant to its users than keywords.

Sharing is Caring

If you have your website integrated with social media sites already, good for you. There is something new, though. You can now share links to your content via WhatsApp.
With an increasing number of people (700 million and counting) on WhatsApp, and the voice-calling feature it just introduced, you’ve got to add it to your share sites.

Here are some more white hat SEO tips for 2015
  1. Content is always king. Ensure you publish high quality content for blog posts, web copy and newsletters.
  2. When you get listed, ensure you start at your locality before aiming global reach – Google loves that.
  3. Offer to publish high quality content on even higher ranking websites and ask to backlink to your own site.
  4. Include a well optimized article description at the top of the article to better explain the title.
  5. Importantly, be willing to change with the dynamic nature of Google’s unforgiving search algorithm, or sink to bottom of website rankings – few visitors, even less potential for conversion. Update your content occasionally.

To sum up

Google constantly updates its ranking algorithm, sometimes a little too soon. And as technology becomes more sophisticated, search algorithm may also follow suit. What worked in 2013 is not what's working in 2015. Hopefully, the white hat SEO tips above help you in your strive to get more recognition and rank higher in search results.
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