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Ways to Improve the Landing Page of Your Website for Better Conversions

Often, you might have ended up putting a lot of efforts in attracting your target audiences to visit your website and view your videos, reports and white papers. However, your efforts and hard work may have gone unnoticed because the landing page of your website failed to entice people towards its contents. To improve the conversion rate and landing page of your website you can follow the simple tips given below:

Simple Tips to Improve the Landing Page of Your Website:

Place Important Content in the Beginning

It is always advisable to have the important content of your website above the fold. This way you increase the possibility of more affirmative answers from your website visitors for your offer. Placing the options in box of your site above the fold will also increase the conversion rate as visitors will be spared from scrolling down your form to complete it.

Limited Visitor’s Option

Limiting your visitor’s option is yet another strategy to increase the conversion rate of your landing page. Performance of your landing page can be optimized, by making completion of your website form mandatory for your visitors. This can be done by removing all outside navigation and links from the landing page of your website.

Highlight the benefits

Remember people always get attracted towards benefits and therefore, entice your visitors by showing gains in choosing your website contents over the others. Merely stating your white paper or video title will not be enough. You have to specifically add some writing which explains the profits of choosing your material.

Opt For Vivid Colors

Apply different colors in your landing page to improve the conversion rate. Avoid dull colors and white lettering instead you opt for favorable color schemes. Take help from other sites which gets more traffic to learn more.

Create Urgency

A sense of urgency in your landing page will create curiosity among your visitors. Give your viewers a compelling reason as to why they should request your content as soon as possible.

Skimmer Friendly

Make your website skimmer friendly. Most often it is seen that people don’t have time to go through the entire web content word by word. Therefore, it would beneficial to structure your landing page, which is convenient for skimmers. You can do so by inclusion of sub headers, bullets, headers, bold text, white space and red graphics.

Different Fonts and Sizes

Use various fonts and its sizes to make you landing page more appealing to your readers. Avoid using very small or large fonts instead go for fonts which are easy on eyes.

Spilt Testing

Apply Spilt testing method to improve your landing page. It is a process where you run different landing pages against each other to improve the effectiveness of a particular landing page. This way you can make profitable decision based on the data.

Apply the above mentioned methods and improve the landing page of your website and see the difference in its conversion rates.
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