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Video Marketing: Tips To Make Video Effective?

I decided to create a mini article on some tips for those who want to “video marketing”, or for those who want to make videos that are effective and functional.

A video, to be considered effective or functional must first of all of interest to users . If users like the video, it is interesting and well done will be automatically shared and generate views .If the video does not offer content valuable automatically remain more or less anonymous.

It ‘clear that to launch a video we must not only make the video, edit it properly and upload it to YouTube, but also take care of his promotion (this is called seeding for example, when involving bloggers to publish a video to share on friends social, … it is “planting seeds” that could then generate other seeds, and then ultimately, viral).

First of all this, however, there are a number of questions that should be useful in production of our video.What is my target audience?

Translated into plain language, to those who want to address with this video? To my friends to make them laugh or make some wishes for a holiday? A people who already know my brand, my company and I want to try to engage through a new channel? People who do research on YouTube and so far I have not found?

Or I turn to people who will do research on YouTube and then usually watch a video? This is a fundamental question to understand how best to realize a video and make a good operation of Video Marketing.

There are differences between users who are looking for videos on YouTube and users who search on Google?

Theoretically no, are the same people who are looking on google or youtube … but it changes a very important factor: the search query . Data show that users looking for something on google often put keys increasingly specific, while on youtube, unless you already know what they want, insert keys much more generalist.

There are terms that can help me? O formats important?

Today it is good to give as many formats as possible. This means that if I make a 480p format my video is not in HD, and users who try video in HD will never reach them. Uploading a video in HD instead I can reach both users looking for high-definition video that users who strive any movie (youtube is to take care of parsing to 480p for slow connections).

For each topic or category to which it may belong also a video there are words and terms that are often used to give a few examples:
  • Tutorial
  • How-to
  • Explanation
  • Help
  • Tips
Of course, everything changes from sector to sector, we can help, Loading, with suggestions of youtube (Those that appear when we look for a video) and create a catchy title for our video. It ‘also important to choose a thumbnail (or preview the video) and attractive that can intrigue users to get more clicks and views.

Other useful tools for hints on securities is uber suggest and, of course, the YouTube Keyword Tool .
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