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Using Public Domain Articles to Make Money Online

Are you one of the few making money online, or are you one of the one’s struggling just to get some sort of clue as to where to start?

It doesn’t seem so long ago that all I used a computer for was keeping maintenance records of machinery at work, (I used to be a maintenance manager at a large aluminium foundry in the UK) . That’s not quite true, the first computer I used was an Atari game computer, it took four hours to plonk in several thousand bits of code to play a game that lasted about four minutes.
It didn’t take long to get fed up with that and I forgot about computers for a few years.

After that, I bought a “proper” computer, but didn’t really know what to do with it! Yes, games were a lot better and I could write letters with it.

It wasn’t until the internet really took hold that I thought there might be a way I could make money from the internet. After all, apparently, everyone else was making a fortune selling absolutely anything and everything.
That was it, I was hooked!!

I expect you know the rest, usual story, several thousands of dollars and about two years later I had made exactly ZERO.

Using Public Domain Articles

Unlike most of the other stories you read though, I wasn’t destitute, I’d retired from a very good job and had saved a lot of money, I wasn’t homeless, I did not know any Russian’s with secret methods to make millions or any of the other instant riches stories you hear about. The one thing I was though, I was determined to make money online, I didn’t really need to make money, it just became a challenge.

I deleted every rubbish program I had ever bought and started again. This time I started at the beginning, I studied all the free stuff on Google, sent for free information from the experts and eventually got a website together. That was a few years ago.
Today, I actually make money on line, I’m no millionaire, but I live quite well. This, I have to put down to forgetting the one click, instant riches programs and actually getting stuck in and doing some work. It wasn’t quick and it wasn’t easy, but hard work paid off.

After I learnt the basics, I started looking around for ways to make the whole process of making money easier, again I might add, by either using readily available free, or very low cost methods.
I found that by using free public domain products I could save hours and hours of valuable time. Making slight alterations to the free, or very low cost articles gave me a unique article for my blogs and sites. As we all know, search engines love unique articles.

Even though I use Public Domain material, and would encourage you to as well, , you will also need to acquire the skill of writing articles. Every blog or site owner knows how valuable content, and I mean good quality content, is.

Anyone can, and an awful lot of people do, acquire or buy an article and then just paste it onto their site untouched or edited. The problem with this is, it may be badly written and the probability is there are hundreds or maybe even thousands of the exact same article on the net. This makes your article next to useless and may even do your name and your site harm.
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