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Using Article Marketing To Rank Higher And To Succeed Online

One of the most productive ways to encourage a business on the world wide web today is article marketing. A comprehensive mode of advertising called article marketing, where enterprises write instructive articles that are of significance to their industries.

Articles are chosen by other sites, blogs, magazines etc. from one of the article submission website that you have submitted to. For instance, an anti-virus software company may submit articles on “How To Keep Your Online Info Private”. Choosing a subject that interests a lot of people will assist in page views and links.

If you place a link to your site at the bottom of your article it will drive traffic back to your site. These articles have the potential to spread exponentially, which will enable large amounts of traffic back to your business’ website.

These back links produce a lot of traffic, but that’s not all. Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines use back links to evaluate a websites merit. Your search engine rank on the results page will increase if you have numerous links that lead to your page. In addition, links that come from a page with content that is relevant to the page they link to are given more value by the search engines. Having embedded links in an article which relates strongly to your site adds a great deal to their value.

The purpose of article marketing isn’t only to facilitate link and search traffic. An internet campaign is successful when it advertises a company while at the same time legitimizing and expanding its presence.

While your articles are spreading around the world wide web, and are being picked up by other websites, your company uses this exposure to help you become an established, industry expert. The more outsiders reference a company’s text within a niche, the greater that company’s credibility.

Another trend that has made article marketing even stronger of late, is the growing popularity of web 2.0. Some of the social networking sites that have taken the internet by storm are Myspace and Facebook. It seems that each population segment has a unique social structure; more and more of these groups seek information about each other. These sites are popular and will make sure that articles marketed on the internet are useful for many years.

To separate oneself from the herd a good article marketer should always keep two things in mind. First, Quality over quantity. If your articles are poorly written they will lend no credibility to what you are trying to accomplish. It is better to get fifty hits from one quality article than from twenty poor ones.

After carefully thinking it through, the final process will be to select where to submit and publish articles. An article in a non relevant area will be viewed as spam, which can be the internet marketing kiss of death.
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