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Using Article Marketing-A Guide For Newbies

In simple terms, writing articles is an activity defined as creating a story or a review,or maybe a personal thing that has happened in your daily life.

Using Article Marketing

Most online business use article marketing for improving website traffic for selling their products and services.
A well written article attracts people to your website, these people have searched for that particular subject and looking for more information. When they get to your website it all depends how good the article is, that how long they stay on your site.

If you have any links in your article this will increase your websites value over time and start moving you further up the search engine rankings.

To make this effective, you need to understand that there are three destinations for your article.
1. Articles are submitted to blogs and websites.
2. Articles may be written just for press releases.
3. Finally you can submit your articles to article directories.
Before you even start article marketing you need to keep the above three things in mind.

Lets have a look at the three ways in detail here:


When you write content for a blog your going to have more flexibility compared to other types of submissions. This is because you can add more links to your article, you don’t have to worry about word counts, and there is less rules to observe.

Press Releases

If you do a press release article its going to need approval before being accepted. When you write an article for a press release the are reviewed, these articles have to be newsworthy and should sound like you are not biased towards what your writing about. If you happen to get your article approved for submission the links in your text becomes no follow links which is a negative.

Article Submission Directories

This sort of submission is the most difficult of the three mentioned submission types. For article directories there are numerous rules that you have to abide by. Directories don’t allow links in the body of your article only in the resource box at the end of your article. Article directories are very stricked on links in your articles so make sure you take them all out before submitting.

Here are some of the more popular places on the web to submit your articles to:

When you sign up for your account at these directories make sure you read the small print before actually joining. This could save you a lot of time in the long run. Once you understand the different rules in each directory then your ready to submit your articles according to the rules that each of them have.
If you want to learn more about article writing itself, you can go to the web and look for eBooks on this subject matter, you can also do a search for article forums, this will be a good resource for you to go and get more info.
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