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Using Article Marketing Automation


Using Article Marketing

Using article marketing automation can be an effective strategy to help promote a website or blog.

On the Internet, content is king and writing a good article can go a long way towards promoting a cause or site.

However, if no one knows about the article, it can be difficult for it to get out there. With automated article marketing techniques, there are many different ways to get an article out to the public.

Article Submitter Tools

Using an article submitter tool can make it easy to get an article out to many different places at the same time. One of the most tried and true methods of promoting a website is to write an article and then post it on article directories.

The article gets a link back to the primary site and also have the opportunity to be picked up by other sites. In some cases, this can result in a large buzz surrounding an article or a website.
The problem with this technique is that it is very difficult to submit articles to many different article directories.

Each article directory requires a separate login process and manually submitting these articles can take a long time.
Instead of doing it manually, some people rely on article submitter tools to automate the process. Instead of logging into each site separately, the webmaster simply submits an article to this tool and it submits the content to hundreds or thousands of different sites.

This has the potential to automate the process of submitting articles to many different sites.

Duplicate Content

Although using this type of tool can save time, it may not provide the results that are desired by the webmaster.
When the same article is submitted to hundreds of different sites, it can create a situation where duplicate content is put online.

Search engines like Google really do not like duplicate content and make it a priority to direct traffic away from it. Since users are essentially spreading duplicate content all over the Internet when they use these services, they may not work as intended.

Article Spinning

Because of the concern over duplicate content, many webmasters try to spin articles so that they do not sound exactly the same each time they are posted.
They often use article spinning software that changes the syntax of the phrases in the article so that it creates a unique article each time.

The problem with these types of software is that it often creates nonsense content. Since search engines are in the business of providing valuable content to people who are searching for it, they typically don’t like these articles either.

Because of this, it’s open for debate how effective article spinning is.

Using Them Correctly

Using article marketing automation can be a valuable tool when it is done correctly. Typically, a webmaster needs to submit different versions of the content to be distributed through these methods. By doing this, both users and search engines will be pleased with the content that is disseminated.
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