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Use Google Alerts To Get More Targeted Traffic

Google alerts is one of google's powerful tools to keep track  keywords you using in your blog or in your niche.  Google alerts maybe not very popular service for most blogger but definitely its one of the most useful tools.

Everyday i receive many google alerts in my gmail box. This alerts show me the latest headlines for my keywords related to the topics that i write about. The same blogs appears over and over again in those alerts, Which means that these blogs are probably getting a ton of traffic from visitors who subscribe to their keywords.

Some ways you to use google alerts and drive traffic to your website:

  • Set-up alert about your "competitors blog names" as keyword, Then you can monitor what traffic strategy that blogs are trying to use.
  • Set-up an alert about the "Internet marketing gurus" you like and then replicating their traffic tactics.

After that you can select the type: "blog" and now you will receive all the new blogs posts. Now you can visit each blog and just leave a comment with a link for your blog.

Also you have to setup an alert for yourself based on your business name and your website name. By this way you will be able to know exactly when somebody write about your site or even comment about your website online. Also you will be able to track who is sharing your content.

So if someone comments about your content online you will get an email alert telling you about it. Right? well, So why not you visit that website and reply to that comment to say thanks! it's very good way to build relationship and bet new followers/customers

Some Other Ways Very Useful to Use Google Alert:

  • Set-up an alert keywords like "guest post" or "guest blog post" to find out where you can get guest blogging offers. If that "guest blog" or "guest post" have a "guest posting guidelines" or "write for us" page. then just use that. If not, Simply you can contact them "in a friendly way for sure" and say you would like to write a guest post for them.
  • Setup an alert about keywords free traffic sources or free traffic. Now you will get all the new traffic tactics on a gold platter.

Now i'm sure that you start to see the point of using google alerts and how useful it can be to drive traffic back to you website.
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