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Understanding Website Hosting and Dedicated Servers

With so many websites available on the net, the concept of website hosting has also become quite significant. This website hosting service makes it possible for the websites to be accessible on the net. There are companies, which provide space on their servers, for hosting the websites. The web hosts also provide the internet connectivity, so that the websites are available online.

The scope of website hosting is huge. There are sites, which are quite small, and only require some files to be uploaded via FTP. As, these kind of services require minimal processing, these are usually provided to the subscribers free of cost. There are different kinds of hosting services available, and the rates depend upon the size and type of the site.

So, if the site is more complex and complicates, it would require a comprehensive package, which would include database support, along with the application development platforms. Some web hosts also offer help in content management.

Depending upon your requirements and needs, you can choose from the various website hosting services available. Given below are a few of them:
  • Shared Web Hosting: In this model, lots of sites are placed in the same server, sharing the server space.
  • Reseller Web Hosting: Here, the clients act as hosts, and offer their space to others.
  • Virtual Dedicated Servers: Here, the server resources are divided into separate virtual servers. This is also known as VPS, or Virtual Private space.
  • Dedicated Hosting: Every site has its own dedicated server, in this model.
  • Managed Hosting: The sites are stored on the server, but they do not have full control on them.
  • Cloud Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

In Dedicated hosting, the clients get a dedicated server for their websites. And, this server is not shared with anybody else. This is more flexible than the shared hosting, and proves as a better option for the businesses, which require more amount of space. The dedicated hosting can be sub-grouped into complex managed hosting, which applies to physical servers, virtual servers and hybrid servers. Most businesses prefer to go with the hybrid option, as it gives the best of both the servers.

Benefits of dedicated hosting

There are various benefits associated with dedicated hosting, and some of them include:
  • Increased control
  • Email Stability
  • Higher performance
  • Improved Security
Though, they are more expensive than the other options, but they are best suited for sites, which have greater traffic.

A majority of the companies go for dedicated hosting, as these provide the networks, which are highly powered. Also, the hosts provide management of the sites, which makes the work easier for the businesses. There are options to go for fully managed or self-managed options, and these differ from provider to provider.

Website hosting is the most critical thing for the success of websites. And, choosing the right hosting service will help in improving the uptime of the sites. So, get on the net, and check out the various hosting service providers, and do a review of the services provided.  Choose the right one for your business.
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