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Optimizing Unconventional articles for getting traffic from Google search

Some bloggers write content which relates to their personal life or some offbeat content which nobody searches online or nobody cares to search for but still they expect so much from those articles, they work for their content ,they do some sort of Backlinking for those articles and hope that their content will show up on Google  Even their content show up on top of Google for some long tail keywords ,which make them happy and they crazily started waiting for lot of visitors to come and see their website.
(how stupid it is..., who will gonna search that what you did on yacht last Friday unless you are big celebrity)

But above never happens,In starting days of my blogging I was also like the blogger one who is described above.
Now i Know that if i wanted to write some unconventional stuff than i have to mix it with commercial and most searched content.

And then put the link of my unconventional writting to show readers more stuff about me and my personal life.
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