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Top Google Ranking Factors for Domain SEO

Let’s face it: we all want to know how Google ranks our websites. Indeed, if we want to dominate search engine optimization (SEO) it is important to know that those ranking factors are. Much about Google is a mystery, but web experts have uncovered a number of Google ranking factors, including some for domains that may not be known to you.

Your Domain

The name of your domain is important! If possible, is should include the keywords that matter most to you or something very close to that.

An exact match top-level domain (TLD) is best, especially if available on a .com extension. You can also use .net and .org if the others are not available.

If you are outside of the United States, you may be drawn to your country’s TLD. However, it would be better to buy the .com version of the name and have your country’s TLD redirect to it.

Domain Registration Length

To battle spammers, Google has found that these people purchase domains with the intent to dump them after the short term. Thus, domains that have a short shelf life or expiration date are not as valuable.

It is important that you keep your domain up to date and that you have it registered for many years in advance. It may not seem like an important matter to you, but it is to Google.

Your Whois

You own your domain, but not everyone may not that. Certainly, you have the right to conceal your ownership, but that move can cost you.

Google has expressly stated that it believes that concealed domain name owners may have something to hide. Therefore, reconsider your strategy if you have a private domain by making it public.

Domain Age

How old a domain is may be important. However, there is very little difference to Google for domains that are only three or six months apart.

The real trust factor comes in for domains that have a long history, have never been dropped and host a regularly updated website. That continuity can benefit you immensely.

Domain Penalty

Always perform due diligence when buying a domain. Some domain names are toxic, even if the name seems legitimate at face value.

You need to uncover the domain’s history through the web archives. Find out how that domain was used and if anything looks suspicious — doorway pages, concealed keywords and other black hat techniques — then do not buy it.

Google may lift your domain penalty upon request, but usually it is a death sentence. Technically, the domain may be alive, but it is as good as dead as far as Google is concerned.

Other Domains

Whether you buy other domains and have these point to you is not a Google ranking factor. It matters not if you snap up every version of your domain’s name to the search engine giant.

It may matter to you, however. Especially, if you worry that someone can snag your name and use it for their own, nefarious purposes. Typically, large corporations buy every possible domain variant under the sun. They can do this as they have the deep pockets to do so.

Domain Considerations

Creating a fresh domain can take time to build up its recognition. However, it can keep you from be associated with a domain that has a sketchy history, one that you do not want to assume.

Always consider what your domain means to other people, not just the search engines. Ultimately, it will be the public that finds your website and takes the action that you intend them to take.

Beyond your domain, keep your site clean, updated and easy to load. Your customers will be glad and, yes, these factors do matter to Google and the other search engines too notes the seo companies.
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